How To Share Your Nest Account

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There are many advantages to the smart home system Google Nest, but a hard selling point for these devices is that they can be utilized by and shared with up to 20 different people all from their own phones. Everyone with the need for access can access this from their cellular devices, regardless of their phone carrier, as long as the members have an active Google account.

Keep reading to learn about the shared access abilities and how to share your Nest account with those you love and trust the most.

Shared Access Tiers

There are three levels of shared access family accounts that Nest owners can use to access Nest capabilities from their phones. You can add or manage home members in the Home app. The next sections will discuss the different levels of shared access and what capabilities those levels have access to.

Owner Access Level

The owner is the person who created the Nest app account and was first to add a Nest item to the home’s account list. Only one person can be the owner. As you can probably assume, the owner has full access to the account. There aren’t any rights that the owner cannot edit.

The owner has control of all products in the home as well as the ability to manage subscriptions, change billing information, view their account and activity history, adjust settings, and add people who can share access.

Full Access Level

Allowing a member to gain full access means they have all the same capabilities that the owner does except, they cannot manage subscriptions or adjust billing. Full access level would be beneficial for members that live within the home to have as they have the ability to control all products within the app. You can allow up to nine additional people with Full Access.

Home Entry Only Level

The Home Entry level is the most limited level of access with the Nest system. Home Entry Only level is an available option if the home has a Nest Secure or Nest x Yale Lock installed. This level would be most beneficial if you have someone watching your home while you are away for business or vacation. You can allow up to ten people with Home Entry Only.

Home Entry participants cannot access the app or control your Nest items and they cannot view the history of the home they have access to. This level will be given a passcode via email to arm or disarm your Google Nest Secure and toggle the Google Nest Lock.

Continue reading to learn how to connect multiple users and phones for Nest access.

Sharing Nest Accounts with Multiple Users

As stated previously, you can have multiple members with access to your Nest app. Although there can only be one owner for total access, other members can still use the Nest app and adjust capabilities based on their access level. Keep reading to learn how to give someone full access or home entry only access.

Adding Someone to Nest for Full Access

Giving someone full access to a Nest account is a very simple and easy process. Open the Nest app and follow the directions below:

  1. Click on “Settings” on the Home screen of the app.
  2. Tap “Family and Guests”. If you don’t have Nest Secure or Nest x Yale it will only say Family.
  3. Select “Add a Person” and input their name. Then, select “Continue”.
  4. Enter an email address or tap “Add from Contacts” to select from your phone’s contact list.
  5. Tap “Send” and that person should receive an email invitation within a couple of minutes.

If the person you invited does not have an account in the Nest App, they will be asked to create one after accepting the email invitation. Once the person’s Nest account is created, they will have access to your Nest Account for Full Access.

Adding Someone to Nest for Home Entry Only Access

Home Entry Only access is only available with Nest Secure and Nest x Yale Lock. If you have these systems, below is how to add someone for Home Entry Only access. With the Nest app open, following these instructions:

  1. Tap “Settings” on the Home Screen and select “Family and Guests”.
  2. Select “Add a Person” and type in the person’s name and select “Continue”.
  3. Tap “Home Entry Only”. At this point, an entry passcode will be created to the person.
  4. Enter an email address for the person needing access.
  5. Tap “Send”. This person should receive an email invitation within the hour.

The email will give them a passcode that they can use to turn on or off Nest Secure or lock and unlock the Nest x Yale Lock. The owner can also set a schedule for the Home Entry Only allowing the person to enter the home during specific days and times and set an expiration if the access is not required for all time.


It is possible to share your Nest account with those closest to you. Google Nest provides you with peace of mind knowing only those requiring access have access and that you can share your Nest account with those who need it most.

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