How to Find IP Address or MAC ID on Ring Doorbell

IP address blank without numbers.IP address blank without numbers.

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Much like your home address, an IP or MAC address is a unique identifier for each device on your local network. There are two forms of IP addresses: public and private. Your private IP address involves only your network, while your public IP address is applied by your ISP when you’re browsing the web. Your MAC address is assigned by the manufacturer of the device and identifies that device on your LAN.

Below, we’ll discuss methods to find your IP address or MAC ID for your Ring Doorbell, including using the Ring app and third-party apps, as well as checking the back of the device.

How to Find Ring Doorbell’s IP Address

The Fingapp, a network scanning tool available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, is the most popular method for retrieving the IP address for individual Ring devices.

  1. To locate the IP address on your Ring Video Doorbell, start by opening the Fing app. When you open the app initially, you’ll have to set the app up and connect it to your home network.
  2. After you’re connected, the Fing app will compile a list of all of your devices. The list will display on your home screen for quick access. Locate your Ring Doorbell on the list, and the device’s IP address should be listed below it.
  3. If there is no tag or name to indicate “Ring Doorbell,” you’ll have to match the device’s MAC address. On the Fing app, you will find the MAC address under Device Details.
  4. If the MAC address matches the MAC address on the back of your Ring Doorbell, then you’ll know you have the right IP address.

The Fing app does more than just identify devices on your local area network:

  • Determines who else is using your Wi-Fi
  • Detects slowdowns with your internet service
  • Internet speed tester
  • Network security checks
  • Network infiltration alerts

Using the Fing app is free; however, there are additional options for in-app purchases.

How to Find Ring Doorbell’s MAC Address

You will find the MAC address next to the QR code on the back of your Ring Doorbell. Since the manufacturer assigns the MAC address, it’s normal to locate it on the device itself.

While the Ring app doesn’t list all of the identifying information for your Ring Doorbell—including the IP Address—you will still find the MAC address here as well. This is a useful method if the doorbell lacks a MAC address on the back or if it has somehow rubbed off and is otherwise inaccessible.

  1. Start by launching the Ring app and selecting the More icon followed by Devices, then Device Health.
  2. Scroll down to find Device Details, and you’ll see your MAC address below it.

Note: In case you’re confused as to the difference between the MAC address and IP address, the MAC address is the manufacturer/hardware address of the device. It allows other devices on your network to locate and communicate with your Ring Doorbell. The IP (Internet Protocol) address identifies the network connection of the device.

Do You Need to Know Your IP Address or MAC ID?

Occasionally, you may have trouble connecting a wireless, smart device—such as a Ring Video Doorbell—to your network. Often, this is because certain ports are closed or blocked by your internet service provider.

Knowing your IP address and understanding internet protocols and how they work will help you when you access your router and attempt to open the proper ports for your doorbell. Sure, you can achieve the same thing by contacting your ISP and getting them to do it for you, and it may be that only your ISP can access those ports.

However, it’s like the age-old question: “What good is knowing algebra when math is never going to be my career?” Well, it isn’t—until it is. Knowing your IP and MAC addresses and how to access/use them may pay off in the long run.


The Ring app is great for managing your network of Ring devices—or even other smart devices that utilize Z-Wave—but it doesn’t cover everything. This includes an actual firmware number or an IP Address. Third-party apps, such as Fing, are free options to help you manage your network more efficiently, have better access, and enjoy the benefits of other features.

Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to locate your Ring Doorbell’s IP and MAC addresses with the ring app and Fing app combo. Plus, whenever you see the QR code on the back of your device, along with a list of numbers, you now know that you will find your MAC address there as well as on the app.

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