How to Change Code on Kwikset Smart Lock in Minutes

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The Kwikset Smart Locks provide a great way to keep your home protected even when you are away. A Kwikset Smart Lock can be programmed with a code, with a default provided when you purchase it.

To change the code on Kwikset Smart Lock in minutes, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the door is unlocked and open.
  • Enter the default code or current code.
  • Press the button to lock.
  • Press the “1” key.
  • Press “Lock” again.
  • Enter new code.
  • Press “Lock” again.
  • Test your new code.

The Kwikset Smart Lock offers superior security to any household. To get the best out of it, read on below to find out more about how to change code on a Kwikset Smart Lock in minutes.

How to Quickly Change the Code on Kwikset Smart Lock

For whatever reason may be, you need to change the code on your Kwikset Smart Lock, and you need to do it fast. You’ve found the right place for answers!

To quickly change the code on a Kwikset Smart Lock, you’ll need to:

  1. Unlock the door and keep it all the way open.
  2. Enter your Kwikset lock’s current code or default code.
  3. Press the “Lock” button.
  4. Push “1”.
  5. Enter “Lock” again.
  6. Enter new code.
  7. Push “Lock” again.
  8. Try out your new code.

For more details on how to get through each of these steps, keep reading below.

Perform Some Checks Before You Start

When you purchase a Kwikset Smart Lock like the Powerbolt2, you will have to change its code from the default to a custom one.

You may also want to change your code to a new one at any point. Before you change the code on a Kwikset Smart Lock, you should first do some pre-checks.

It is recommended that you only change the code on the Smart Lock once the door is unlocked and fully open.

This is to prevent any accidental locking during the process, especially if you are on the outside of the door.

Enter the Current or Default Code

Once your door is unlocked and open, you can proceed to changing the code on the Kwikset Smart Lock.

This will vary slightly depending on whether you are changing the code for the first time or not.

  • If you are entering a new code for the first time, you will have to enter the default code first. This is always 0-0-0-0. When you buy the Kwikset Smart Lock, you should change the default code immediately.
  • If you wish to change the code from the one you set before, you will first have to enter the current one, then proceed to the next step.

Press the Lock Button

After entering the default or current code, you wish to change, press the lock button in the middle of your device.

You should only press the button once, which should be followed by a single beep. The single beep will indicate that the Kwikset Smart Lock code is ready to be customized.

If you don’t hear the beep when you press the lock button, you should start the process again from scratch.

Press the 1 Key

After hearing the beep, use the keypad on the Smart Lock to press 1. You will see a series of numbers from 1 and 2 to 9 and 0.

On the 1 and 2 buttons, press on the side with the 1. This will allow you to continue setting up your new code.

Press the Lock Button Again

Press the lock button to confirm your selection of the 1 key. You will again hear the single beep that will indicate you are ready to move on with the set-up.

Proceed to the next step once you hear this audio cue.

Press the Keys for the New Code

You are now ready to change the code on the Kwikset Smart Lock. To do so, use the keys on the lock to select your preferred numbers.

Your new code has to be between four and ten digits long.

For increased security, your Kwikset Smart Lock code should not be easily identifiable information like your birthday.

It should be something that only you and other relevant household members should know.

Remember not to write the code down and keep it somewhere it can be easily found. Once you think of the best choice of code between four and ten digits, enter it.

Press the Lock Button Once More

Pressing the lock button after typing in your new code will confirm the change.

To make sure that the change has gone through, listen to the number of beeps once you press the lock button.

Two beeps will indicate that the new code is now in effect on the Kwikset Smart Lock. If you hear three beeps instead of two, that would indicate that the change has not occurred.

This would require starting the process from the beginning by entering the default or current code. Luckily, following these steps only takes a few minutes at most.

Test the New Code

After hearing the three beeps of confirmation, keep your door still open and unlocked but test your new code.

This should lock your door until you unlock it again. Testing the new code is a great final check to perform so you can be sure that everything is working as it should.

If you’d rather delete a user code instead, you can follow most of the same steps:

  • Enter the default or current code while the door is open.
  • Press the lock button. It will beep once.
  • Press 3 on the keypad.
  • Press the lock button again to hear one beep.
  • Type the code you want to delete, then press the lock button. Two beeps will indicate that the code has been deleted.


Changing the code on a Kwikset Smart Lock can be done in only a few minutes by following a straightforward series of steps.

Once you are done, you will have access to your Smart Lock via your desired code.

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