How to Cast to My Insignia TV – 3 Solutions to Try

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Nowadays, casting various devices to a smart TV has become relatively commonplace. However, the increase in smart TV brands poses compatibility issues that might crop up. A good example is Amazon’s Insignia Smart Fire TV. Therefore, if you want to cast to your Insignia TV, how can you go about it, and what options are available?

With so many practical options available, attempting to search online forums for an option that suits you can be both confusing and exhausting. Therefore, here is a list of options of how to cast to your Insignia TV, which you should try. These options are straightforward and DIY. Read on to find out more about these.

Cast to Insignia TV From Your Android Device

Android devices usually have the native ability to cast to Insignia TV. The casting process is simple. However, the casting setting you will encounter varies depending on the type of Android device that you are using.

Here is how you can cast to your Insignia TV from your android device:

Step 1:  Hold down the “Home” button on your Universal Insignia TV Remote for about three seconds until the menu appears.

Step 2: Click on “Setting” and select “Display and Sounds.”

Step 3: Select “Enable Display Casting.”

A screen will appear showing the wireless casting status and the device which receives the casting display. You should leave your Insignia Tv on this screen so that your android device can connect to it.

Step 4: On your android device’s Home Screen, access “Settings” and tap on “Cast” or “Screen Cast.”

If your android device lacks the above setting, you can access the “Cast” screen via;

  • Settings,” then select “Wireless Projection.” or “Wireless and Bluetooth Connections.”
  • Connection Devices” and clicking on “Connection Preferences” then select “Screen Cast.”

Step 5: A “Searching for available devices” message will appear on the screen. From the available devices, look for the name of your Insignia TV and tap on it.

Step 6: Your Insignia TV should mirror your android device’s screen after a few seconds. Tab “Start Now” or “Cast Now” if you want to stream videos from your android device to your Insignia TV.

Cast to Insignia TV From Your iOS Device

Casting to Insignia TV from an iOS device such as an iPhone is not as straightforward as casting from an android device. For instance, you will need to download the free AirScreen app on your Insignia TV. There is no app that you will need to download on your iOS device.

Here is how you can go about casting to your Insignia Tv for an iOS device:

Step 1: Hold the Home button on your Insignia TV remote.

Step 2: Select “Apps” > “AppStore” and search for the AirScreen app. You can do this by:

  • Using a keyboard search.
  • Pressing and holding the remote microphone button to do a voice search.

Step 3: Choose AirScreen to download and install it.

Step 4: Select Open and click Confirm on the Welcome screen.

Step 5: On the “GET STARTED” screen, scan the QR code using your iOS device camera.

Step 6: Tap ” Entire screen ” at the “Which type of content do you want to share” display screen.

This will enable you to access or see the instructions for casting from the iOS device.

Step 7: Swipe down from the top on your iOS device and tap on “Screen Casting” > “AS-AFTT[AirPlay].” Your iOS screen will now be cast to your Insignia TV.

Cast to Your Insignia TV From Your Windows 10 or 11 PC

Casting to your Insignia TV from the Windows 10 or 11 PC is straightforward. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Hold the Home button of your Insignia TV remote to access “Mirroring” > “Display Mirroring Screen.”

Step 2: In the bottom-right corner of your PC screen, access and click on the “Notification icon” > “Expand” > “Project.” You can then choose your preferred display option. This can be changed anytime to suit your display needs.

Step 3: Click on the “Connect to a wireless display” and select your Insignia TV’s name to start casting.

If your Insignia TV’s name is not available on the list, click on “Find other types of devices.” If still, you can not find your Insignia Tv, check if your PC and Insignia TV are connected to the same network (SSID name) and network band (2.5GHz or 5GHz).


Casting to your Insignia TV is an excellent option for viewing videos and pictures on a large Tv screen. Once you have everything up and properly running, you should be able to seamlessly enjoy operation while casting from the different device types to your Insignia TV.

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