How Much Does Lorex Cloud Cost?

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Lorex offers a wide variety of security cameras and security camera packages for you to purchase. To view your security cameras, you must use the cloud on either your phone or the monitor that comes with your cameras.

How much does Lorex Cloud Cost? Lorex offers its customers Lorex Cloud Basic plan for select devices, and that is free to use. The basic plan has 10 gigabytes of storage in the cloud and 2-day video back-up. If the Lorex Cloud Basic plan doesn’t offer enough space for you, they also offer the Lorex Cloud Premium plan, but that will cost money.

If you are looking for a small home security system, the basic cloud should be enough for you, and you won’t have to spend a penny monthly.

Costs and Plans

For those of you interested in saving your video footage in a cloud, this breakdown of costs and plans can help you decide which plan best suits you.

Lorex super HD Security camera

Basic Plan

This plan automatically comes with select security camera packages, but not all of them.

For DVR and NVRs, the plan will default to channel 1.

The basic plan offers you 10 gigabytes of cloud storage, and a 2-day video back up. Unless you are on vacation you shouldn’t need more than 2 days’ worth of video back-up.

This plan also offers 3 rapid recaps. A rapid recap is a video summary that includes all the motion events that were captured on your security camera during a period of time.

This plan is free with any of the camera packages that it comes with. Unfortunately, it does not come with all the cameras.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is purchasable if the basic plan does not come with what you need.

It offers unlimited cloud storage and a 30-day video back-up.

The plan offers unlimited rapid recaps.

You can pay monthly or annually for premium. The most recent pricing I found was a 50% sale.

If you want to pay monthly, it will cost $3.49.

A yearly plan will cost $34.99.

This sounds great at first glance, but these costs are per channel. So, if you are going to have multiple channels, the cost will go up quickly.

Lorex Cloud App Reviews

Is the Lorex Cloud app worth paying for? Reviews on google play store say no. The Lorex app was rated at 2.6, as of January 17th, 2020.


The biggest complaint seemed to be camera connection issues. Many customers complained that they were unable to view their cameras from the app. Though they claimed to have fixed the connection issues, many customers are still complaining of the same issues.

Customer Service

The customer service has a lot of complaints as well. They are told to send an email or call, and spend hours on the phone, with no fix in sight.


Many customers stated that the app was working just fine for them for quite a while, but as soon as they updated it to solve some of the issues brought up, new issues arose.


Overall it was very difficult to find any good reviews on google play. Even the reviews ranked 3 stars were predominantly negative.

Apple had even worse reviews than google play. In the apple store, the Lorex Cloud is rated at 1.4 out of 5 stars. The complaints were much of the same, poor quality app, slow to no connection, poor customer service, etc.

About Lorex Cloud Mobile App

If you are not using the Lorex cloud on the monitor provided with the cameras, you will be trying to access it on your mobile device. While there have been some complaints about the app, here are some of its uses.

Live Remote Viewing

Being able to access your security cameras while away from your home or business gives you unparalleled peace of mind. It’s one thing to know your house has security, and you can replay anything that happens, but it is something else to be able to see your home at the touch of a finger.

Motion Timelines

Lorex cloud also offers motion timelines. When something moves in front of your camera, the app will compile a list of videos for you to click and take a look at. Ensuring that all is well at your home or business.

Push Notifications

While reading through the reviews on both google play, and the apple store, there were mixed reviews about the push notification feature. Some said it was useful to see alerts about movement on their property, and reassuring to know they would be alerted if there wasn’t supposed to be anyone on their property.

Others complained that they got a push notification for everything, and that getting alerted every time their dog moved got annoying quick.

Some even complained that the app kept shutting off the push notifications and that it was useless to even have on because it would just shut off after a few minutes.

If the notifications work, it will be very reassuring to know when something is moving around at your house when it shouldn’t be.

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