How Many Ring Chime Pros Can I Use?

A two story grey home with lights on and a 3 car garage.A two story grey home with lights on and a 3 car garage.

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Ring Chime is a useful device for helping you figure out when someone is at your front door, but the Ring Chime Pro has additional functions that can make it more useful than the original Ring Chime. These devices are even stackable to increase their effectiveness.

Homeowners can use as many Ring Chime Pros in the home Ring network as there are available electrical outlets to plug the devices in. Even though they’re more expensive than the Ring Chime, the Chime Pro has more features and can be linked with other Chime Pros to form a more robust network.

You might think the Ring Chime Pro is just a more powerful doorbell for the Ring smart home system, but it has other auxiliary functions that make it a much more useful option than the original. Read on to learn more about the Ring Chime Pro and how you can use multiple Pro units on one Ring network.

Can You Use Multiple Ring Chime Pros?

Just like with Ring Chime, it’s possible to use multiple Ring Chime Pros across the same network. This allows you to place a Ring Chime Pro close enough to each doorbell that you can hear when visitors arrive no matter where you are in the home.

How Many Ring Chime Pros Can You Have?

Theoretically you can run as many Ring Chime Pros off your network as you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Number of outlets to plug in the Ring Chime Pro units: Each Ring Chime Pro needs a standard plug-in electrical outlet to operate. It’s worth keeping in mind that the Ring Chime Pro unit is quite large, so it may cover more than one electrical outlet when you put it on the wall. You’ll also need free outlets for other home electronics, too. (Source: CNN)

  • Amount of wireless bandwidth to run the system: While Ring Chime Pro can extend the network, if your base network isn’t very strong, you could still have issues with the network losing connectivity in the future. Be sure to run your Ring system off a dedicated wireless network so it doesn’t have to compete with household Internet usage.

The good news about the Ring Chime Pro is that it doesn’t just act as a doorbell. The technology in the Ring Chime Pro also acts as a wireless Internet extender, strengthening your wireless signal to increase the connectivity of your Ring network.

Can You Daisy-Chain Ring Chime Pros?

If you get into connecting your Ring system and read some of the online literature about it, you might come across the process of “daisy-chaining” Ring Chime devices. This is a way to connect your Ring devices together to make them more effective as a network.

What is Daisy-Chaining Wireless Technology?

Daisy-chaining is about what it sounds like. It’s taking different pieces of technology in a wireless network and using network connections to link or “daisy-chain” them together. (Source: PC Magazine)

When you daisy-chain multiple Ring Chime Pro units together, you can connect your Chime Pro device to one Ring doorbell in your home while also connecting it to another Chime Pro device to act as an extender for the second Ring doorbell in your home. This helps ensure that all of the devices on your network maintain a strong connection. (Source: Best Buy)

The only limit to how many devices can be daisy-chained together is their proximity. You have to have chained devices fairly close (within twenty feet of a router or extender) to get the most effectiveness out of them. (Source: Ring Support)

Why Use Multiple Ring Chime Pros?

All of this sounds a little complicated, so why would someone go through the trouble to install multiple Ring Chime units in the first place? There are several advantages to adding multiple Chime units to your Ring system. Here are just a few of them:

  • Better connectivity: As mentioned in the previous section, the more units you have and the closer they are together, the smoother your wireless Ring network will perform when recording live video footage or detecting motion. This makes it easier to include other Ring devices in the network, such as floodlights and contact sensors.

  • Ability to hear the doorbell more clearly: If you have a lot of soundproofing in your house and only one Ring Chime in the living room, chances are you won’t hear the notification for someone at the front entrance if you’re behind several closed doors in the back of the house. Adding more Chimes makes it easier to hear the doorbell.

  • You don’t carry your phone constantly: People who use their smartphone to monitor their front door may not use the door chime as often as those who don’t. If you like to lay your phone down and leave it during the day, the Chime system can ensure that you still know when someone shows up to the house even if you don’t have camera access.

Ring Chime Pros can be an outlet hog, so multiple units won’t be the answer for everyone, especially in small homes or apartments. But if you have a large residence where you need to hear the front door from anywhere in the house, investing in multiple Ring Chime Pros can be a smart idea.

Chime Pros Make Your Network Stronger

The original Ring Chime was a useful addition to the Ring technology lineup, but the Ring Chime Pro fulfills the same function in the Ring network and then some. While multiple Ring Chime Pros might not be the right setup for every home, the fact that you can link them if needed makes them useful in customizing your perfect Ring setup.

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