How Long Do I Have to Return My Xfinity Equipment?

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Are you about to relocate to a new area or planning to change your internet service provider? If so, you are probably planning to return any Xfinity-provided equipment in your home. But, how long do you have to do this?

According to Comcast, you must return all Xfinity equipment within ten days of disconnecting your internet service. Failure to return all rented equipment will attract penalty fees and other charges.

It is important to return your Xfinity equipment before the deadline to avoid extra fees. Keep reading to learn everything about the process that ensues after disconnecting from Xfinity services.

How Long Do I Have to Return My Xfinity Equipment?

After disconnecting your Xfinity internet service, you only have ten days to return all Xfinity-supplied equipment. If you fail to do so within the stipulated time frame, you will be charged the full retail value of each piece of equipment. You may also incur an additional charge called “incidental costs” for missing the deadline.

If you don’t pay these charges, Xfinity will send your bill to a collection agency. This can reflect badly on your credit score, and your account may accrue more heavy equipment return bills. For this reason, it’s essential to remember to return your equipment on time.

How to Return Xfinity Equipment

There are three ways you can return your rented equipment to Xfinity free of charge. These include:

  • Online
  • UPS shipping
  • At an Xfinity center

Choose the method most suitable for you to avoid paying any penalty fees.

Returning Your Xfinity Equipment Online

You will need your Xfinity ID and password to return your Xfinity equipment online. Once you have this information ready, follow the steps below:

  • Sign into your Xfinity account and visit the Equipment Return page.
  • Check off the equipment you want to return on the list provided. Then, hit “Continue.”
  • Cross-check the serial number on each piece of equipment to be sure it matches the ones you selected.
  • Pick a reason for return and select “Continue.”
  • Choose a return option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Press “Confirm.”

Now, you can send back your equipment using your selected return option.

Returning Your Xfinity Equipment via UPS Shipping

If you choose UPS Prepaid Shipping as your return option, the website will generate a prepaid shipping label for you on the Equipment Return page. Once you have it, follow these instructions:

  • On the same page, click “Print Shipping Label” to print out the label for your parcel.
  • Put the Xfinity equipment you want to return into the original boxes. You can also use new boxes if you don’t have the original ones.
  • Place your UPS prepaid label on the outside of the box. Make sure the tracking number is visible, as this will serve as your receipt.
  • Call the UPS hotline to schedule a pick-up, or drop the parcel off at any store that offers UPS shipment.

When Xfinity receives your package, they will send you a confirmation email. The statement of return will be visible on your account in a week or two.

Returning Your Equipment at an Xfinity Center

If there’s an Xfinity store close to your home or business, it may be easiest for you to return your equipment. Once you’ve found your preferred location, you can call the Xfinity center to make a drop-off appointment. Then, just bring your equipment in on the scheduled date and time.

The equipment you return will instantly be removed from your account, and Xfinity will send you a receipt confirming the return. As a forethought, save every receipt necessary to prove you returned all your equipment. This will save you from any repercussions on the off chance that your package gets lost or proof of the return is missing from Xfinity’s record.

What Equipment Needs to be Returned to Xfinity?

Anything you rented or received from Xfinity upon starting your internet service will need to be returned after your service end date. Some of the equipment you may need to return includes:

  • Modem/router
  • xFI Pods
  • Wireless gateway
  • Voice modems
  • Cable and boxes
  • TV remotes
  • Power cords

While all the above equipment will need to be returned, you can keep your coaxial and Ethernet cables. In general, you should return all the equipment you’ve been paying a monthly fee to rent.

Final Thoughts

Xfinity gives you a period of ten days after your service end date to return rented equipment. If you fail to return everything within this timeframe, you will be charged an “incidental cost” and have to pay the equivalent of the retail price of the equipment. You can avoid these fees by choosing a viable return method. Be careful and diligent in this procedure to avoid financial and legal consequences.

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