How Do I Turn Off the Screen on My VTech Baby Monitor?

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The VTech baby monitor is a great way to ensure your baby is safe and sleeping soundly. This monitor includes a parent unit and a baby camera, and the parent unit features a screen to allow you to keep an eye on your baby at all times. But sometimes, you may want to switch the screen off and keep the audio on to listen to any sounds your baby makes. How can you do this?

To turn off the screen on your Vtech baby monitor’s parent unit, you can press and hold the LCD On/Off button. The screen will turn off, but you will still be able to hear all audio picked up by the camera. 

Below, we’ll discuss more information on VTech baby monitors and their various features. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know! 

Can I Switch Off the Screen on My VTech Baby Monitor?

Whether you’re about to go to sleep or watch a movie with your family, there are some times when you may want to switch your baby monitor’s screen off but keep the audio on. This way, you won’t be bothered by the light, but can still hear if your baby starts crying.

To switch the screen off on your VTech baby monitor, you must press and hold the LCD On/Off button until the screen goes dark. If your monitor does not include an LCD on/off switch, just tap the power button to turn the screen off. 

Does Turning the VTech Baby Monitor Screen Off Turn the Parent Unit Off?

While you may not want to be bothered by the bright light from your VTech baby monitor’s screen, you don’t want to turn the parent unit off completely. For this reason, some parents worry that turning the screen off will turn the parent unit off altogether.

As long as you only press the LCD On/Off button, your VTech baby monitor’s parent unit will remain on. You can still hear all sounds from your baby’s nursery through the speaker. 

If you do want to switch your parent unit off completely, press and hold the power button. While tapping this button will turn the screen off on monitors that don’t include an LCD power button, holding the power button down will turn both the screen and the speaker off.

Why Won’t My VTech Baby Monitor Screen Turn Off?

You’ve tried pressing the LCD On/Off button or tapping the power button, but your VTech baby monitor screen still won’t turn off. Why might this be happening?

Some common reasons your monitor screen won’t turn off involve:

  • The voice activation sensitivity settings
  • The auto wake option
  • Incorrect pairing between the baby monitor and parent unit

Below, we will discuss how to troubleshoot each of these three problems. 

The Voice Activation Sensitivity Settings

VTech’s voice activation feature automatically turns on your parental unit’s screen when sound is detected in the baby’s room. If your screen will not turn off, the voice activation sensitivity is likely too high.

There are four voice activation sensitivity levels on the VTech baby monitor. To lower the sensitivity, choose VOX on your monitor’s Settings menu. 

The Auto Wake Option

Like the voice activation feature, the auto wake feature will automatically turn on your parent unit when the baby unit detects sound. 

If your baby is making small sounds in their room, or if you play music to help them fall asleep, the auto wake feature may prevent you from turning off your parent unit’s screen. To prevent issues with this feature, disable Auto Wake through your parent unit’s Settings menu.

Incorrect Pairing Between the Baby Monitor and Parent Unit

Sometimes, pairing issues between the baby monitor and your parent unit will prevent you from turning your LCD screen off. Your VTech baby monitor will not function properly if the two devices are not paired correctly. 

When the two devices are paired, you will see an icon on the parent unit indicating so. You may need to pair your devices again if you don’t see this icon. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the “Pair” button at the bottom of the baby monitor.
  • Wait for the LED to flash quickly. 
  • When the baby monitor is successfully paired, a light should appear on both your parental unit and the baby monitor.

After following these steps, try turning off your LCD screen once again.  

In Conclusion

The Vtech baby monitor is a great way to keep your baby safe while you’re in another room. If you want to turn off the screen on your parental unit, press and hold the LCD On/Off button until it switches off.

This will keep the audio on so you can still hear if your baby cries, but turn off the screen so you won’t be bothered by the light. This is a convenient feature if you want to watch a movie with your family or go to sleep while still keeping an ear on your sleeping infant.

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