What is VOX Level on VTech Baby Monitor?

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If you’re new to VTech baby monitors, there are a few features you’ll need to familiarize yourself with in the built-in settings. For example, you may have noticed something called “VOX control.” What exactly is the VOX level on a VTech baby monitor?

The VOX level on a VTech baby monitor represents the sound sensitivity level. You can increase or decrease this depending on your needs and preferences.

Below, we will help you understand how the sound sensitivity on your VTech baby monitor works. Keep reading to learn how to adjust the VOX level in your monitor unit as you keep close watch over your little one!

What is the VOX Level on a VTech Baby Monitor?

On the VTech baby monitor, VOX stands for “voice activated transmission.” It is the only feature available for sound sensitivity control on the parent unit. Through the VOX, you can hear sounds from the baby unit at all times. If you don’t want to be bothered by the littlest noise, you can adjust your settings here so the unit does not ping you so often.

By default, the VOX is set to the highest level. However, there are toggle buttons you can use to adjust the sensitivity. This allows you to tune the sound sensitivity to fit your needs. The higher the sensitivity level, the sharper the baby unit detects and transmits sound. Similarly, the baby unit won’t react to the slightest noise if you adjust it to a lower level.

Which VOX Levels Are Available on VTech Baby Monitors?

Anytime your baby monitor detects sound, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or parent unit. If the parent unit’s screen is off at that moment, it will come on the minute sound is transmitted from the baby unit.

Currently, VTech offers three different options to adjust your baby monitor’s sound sensitivity level. You can set your VOX to:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Each level will be triggered by different sounds. Below, we will explain what you can expect when you adjust your VOX.

VOX Level 1

The first level is the lowest. When you choose this sensitivity level, only one audio bar will light up. You will be notified about loud crying and screams, but you will not receive alerts on your parent unit when your baby makes softer sounds.

VOX Level 2

This is generally the best sensitivity level to set your VTech baby monitor to. You will receive alerts on your parent unit whenever your baby cries or screams, and when they make smaller noises like babbles or giggles.

VOX Level 3

This is the default VOX level on all VTech baby monitors and the highest sensitivity level offered. All sounds, even small sounds like sniffles and bedsheet shuffles, will be heard distinctly from the parent unit.

How to Adjust the VOX Level on Your VTech Baby Monitor

You can adjust your baby monitor’s sound sensitivity level from the parent unit or your mobile phone. But before you start, you must know that some VTech baby monitors, including the RM7764HD, specify their VOX as “sound.” Instead of “VOX” in the parent unit’s menu, you’ll see “sound.”

Adjust the VOX Level on the Parent Unit

If you primarily rely on the parent unit to monitor your child, it’s best to change your settings there. To do so, run through these quick steps:

  • Turn on the parent unit and click the “Menu/Select” button.
  • Use the right arrow key on the device to navigate to the baby icon on the top of the screen. This icon is the second panel after “Melodies.”
  • You will see “VOX/Sound” below. Use the down arrow to access the drop-down window.
  • Use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the sound sensitivity. Press “Select” when you’re done.
  • Toggle the “Sound Detection” button. It will glow green when it’s on.

When this is done, live sounds will emit from the parent unit when the baby unit detects them.

Adjust the VOX Level on the Mobile App

If you use the MyVTech Baby app on your phone to view your camera’s feed, you may want to adjust your settings here instead. Just follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open the app on your smartphone. 
  • Click “Settings.”
  • Select “Sound Detection” and toggle the switch on.

When the sound from the baby unit exceeds the set sensitivity level, it will trigger an alert on your smartphone.

In Conclusion

The VOX level on the VTech baby monitor represents the sound sensitivity level. The sensitivity level you choose dictates the number of sound-related notifications you will receive on your parent unit. You can adjust the VOX level accordingly, depending on what type of sounds you want to be notified about.

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