How do I stream AppleTV+ to my Chromecast?

chromecast device on tablechromecast device on table

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Apple TV users may have noticed that unlike most streaming options, Apple TV doesn’t offer native support for streaming shows to Chromecast, making it difficult for some of us to watch their content. Fortunately, there are other ways to go about this.

With Apple and Google being at best major rivals, it’s no shock that Apple isn’t overly friendly with Google’s platforms. They don’t even offer an Apple TV+ app for Android devices, and the iOS app doesn’t support Chromecast.

So how is the Chromecast user to get their fix of Ted Lasso and other Apple programs? There are still a few options for those in need, and we have a rundown.

Cast from Chrome on your computer

The easiest way to get this done is to simply go to Apple TV’s website on your computer using the Chromecast browser. There, you can open up whatever video you want to view, right click on it, and select “Cast…”

Google Chrome playing back an episode of “For All Mankind,” Apple TV+

You can then select your Chromecast as the destination. The audio will automatically be rerouted to your Chromecast as well, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show.

There’s a couple drawbacks to this, unfortunately. For one thing, the playback controls will be on your computer, so whenever you want to pause, rewind, or anything else, you’ll have to do so there.

Secondly, Chrome’s ability to cast a tab is limited to 720P, meaning that you’re going to experience somewhat reduced video quality doing things this way. If your WiFi is slow, you might also experience performance issues from having to run two video streams at once: one from Apple to your computer, the other from your computer to the Chromecast.

Mirror your screen from an Android device

If you want controls right in front of you, another option is to cast from a mobile device. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Chrome on Android doesn’t offer the same easy casting option that the desktop browser does.

What you have to do instead is mirror your device’s entire screen to the Chromecast. Most Android devices will have this feature on the pull-down menu, typically labeled as “Smart Share,” “Cast,” or “Screen Mirroring.”

“Smart View” screen mirroring option on Samsung Galaxy S22

This will at least get your content onto the TV, but at a considerable cost. Unlike Chome’s tab casting, which sends the actual media stream to the Chromecast, with this you’re viewing it on your device and then copying your device’s screen to the TV.

That means quality will suffer an even more significant hit than the 720P limitation on Chrome. It also means potential interruptions to the video from notifications, calls, and other events on your phone or tablet.

Add a third-party screen mirroring app for iOS

Believe it or not, things are even a little more difficult if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. These platforms, unlike Android, don’t natively have screen mirroring to Chromecast built in. To make it work, you’ll have to download a third-party app that offers screen mirroring, such as AirDroid Cast.

AirDroid Cast allows iOS users to mirror their screens to Chromecast devices. As with Android though, all the performance and quality issues of mirroring your screen unavoidably return, making this a less than fun experience.

Chromecast with Google TV

By far the best current option for mixing Apple TV+ and Chromecast is to use the newer generation Chromecast with Google TV dongle. These function more like conventional smart TV sticks, unlike the older Chromecasts which were controlled from mobile devices.

Chromecast device and remote
Chromecast with Google TV, and remote

Instead, the Chromecast with Google TV has its own remote, on-screen interface, and apps. This includes an app for Apple TV+, despite the lack of it on other Android-based platforms.

Simply install the app though the standard menu, and open it. You’ll be able to then browse and play the Apple TV+ lineup to your heart’s content, in full quality and with remote controls right at your fingertips.

Possible future plans

At least one report in the last few months has suggested that Apple is finally working on a TV+ app for Android devices. If that’s the case, it may well be that it’ll include Chromecast support, finally making it easy for users to stream their content.

However, as with any other unconfirmed report, there’s no guarantee of this. For that matter, Apple might well be decide to support playback on Android devices, but not include Chromecast capability. As with any potential future release, there’s no way of guaranteeing what will happen. So for the time being, your best bet is one of the solutions outlined here.

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