How Do I Reset my SimpliSafe Siren

Simplisafe Alarm system with blue ring light onSimplisafe Alarm system with blue ring light on

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The SimpliSafe Siren offers you peace of mind whenever you leave your home. But it’s not very effective when one of the sirens don’t work.

How do I reset my SimpliSafe Siren? For resetting your SimpliSafe siren, try these steps:

  1. There will be a black programming button on the back of the siren, hold it firmly down.
  2. While holding, press the OFF button on your keychain remote repeatedly.
  3. The siren will emit a short tone after about 3 to 4 presses of the OFF button.
  4. The tone signals you have synced the device.

Knowing how to reset the SimpliSafe siren is essential to troubleshooting your alarm system. What happens if the base is red? or if you need to reset your base station? Keep reading to find out!

Resetting Your SimpliSafe Siren

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Many people toss the instructions when they get new toys or gadgets, I know I do. Everything is online, right?

Resetting the Remote SimpliSafe Siren after a Battery Change

The SimpliSafe Base Station comes with an assortment of accessories. One of such accessories is the key fob. This enables you to arm and disarms the device on the go with the simple push of a button. It even has a panic button built-in, which will trigger an alarm, and alert the monitoring center.

Step One- Hold the Button Down

There is a black programming button on the back of the SimpliSafe Siren. This button is multi-use, as it can be used to re-sync a device, sync a new device, and program any of the pieces onto the Base Station.

All you must do in this step is to hold the black programming button down firmly.

Step Two- Press the OFF button

You will need your remote keychain for this step. While firmly holding the black programming button, press the OFF button at the top of the remote keychain repeatedly. This will enable the device to begin re-syncing.

Step Four- Listen for the Tone

The SimpliSafe Base Siren will emit a short tone after you press the OFF button on the keychain remote about three to four times. This tone signals that you have successfully re-synced or synced your device properly!

Base Station Reboot

The Base Station is the center of operations for your SimpliSafe technology. It’s what your Extra 105dB Siren, the motion detectors, keypad, entry sensor, panic button, and SimpliCam all connect too. Knowing how to reset this technology is detrimental to owning all these smart security options.

Step One- Unplugging the Power Cord

To start the reboot of the SimpliSafe Base Station you will need to unplug the power cord. You can unplug the station at the outlet it’s plugged into, or the plug located at the bottom of the station in the back.

No need to go digging behind a dresser or other obstacles if the wall plug is out of the way. You wouldn’t want to damage the cord and try to figure out if the SimpliSafe works without power or not.

Step Two- Remove a Battery

To expect the unexpected, the SimpliSafe Base Station has a 24-hour battery life and is not completely dependent on the wall plug. After you’ve unplugged your device, you will need to take one of the batteries out.

In order to access the batteries, you will need a Phillips Head screwdriver. The batteries can be found at the bottom of the device, and you only need to pull out one.

Step Three- Place the Battery Back

Give the device a couple of seconds to reboot and put the battery back in its compartment.

Step Four- Plug the Cord Back In

Once you’ve screwed the plastic panel back into place, plug the cord back into the SimpliSafe Base Station, and it should turn right back on. After this is accomplished it should be freshly rebooted, and your work is done!

More Information

SimpliSafe offers many packaged deals to ensure the safety of your home on many different levels. Anywhere from basic level protection, to serious security for your home and family. This gives customers a selection at many different price ranges, which can be important when you don’t have a lot of money to drop on a new security system.

Protection Packages

For basic protection, and a lower price tag you can do The Foundation package, which includes:

  • 1 Base Station
  • 1 Keypad
  • 1 Entry Sensor
  • 1 Motion Sensor

Or if you are able to spend a bit more, and go all out with your protection measures, you can get The Haven package. This package includes:

  • 1 Base Station,
  • 1 Keypad
  • 4 Entry Sensors
  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • 1 105dB Siren
  • 1 Panic button
  • 1 Freeze Sensor
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • 1 Water Sensor

There are quite a few different options for smart security packages directly from SimpliSafe’s website. Prices vary based on the package size, and they even offer customers a build your own option!

The Scoop on the Products

As you can see in the two packages I’ve shown, there is a slew of different products you can choose from.

Base Station

Like I said earlier in the article, this is your securities base of operations. All your potential devices will connect to this. The base station is what will pick up the other product’s signals, informing you, and potentially informing the monitoring agency when they are triggered.


The keypad acts as almost a distraction. What would be your natural reaction to being caught by an alarm? It’s run or smash the alarm. This product will beep and potentially distract the burglars. All while your Base Station will silently alert the authorities. Burglars none the wiser.

Entry Sensors

The Entry Sensor is meant to be installed on any or every, door and window in the house. The magnet piece goes on the door or window, while the sensor is attached to the frame. It comes with adhesive already on the device for easy installation.

Once installed the device will send an alert while the system is ON, or it will make a chiming noise while the system is OFF, ensuring you know when and where things are opening. The magnet must be more than two inches away from the sensor for an alarm to be raised, or the chime to go off.

Motion Sensors

These sensors are specifically engineered so any pet under 50lbs doesn’t set off the alarm.

They can be placed anywhere from a shelf to adhering to a wall and is great for coverage from a corner. This device can sense up to 30 feet away and has a 90-degree field of vision.

Panic Button

This product alerts the monitoring company as soon as you press it. They will give you a call, if you don’t answer, or give the safe word, they will alert the authorities.

105dB Siren

While the Base Station will sound an alarm, it’s only at 85dB. While that will alert you to someone’s presence, it may not be enough to dissuade any burglars from coming inside. This siren is a lot louder, and has been compared to wearing earbuds, and turning the volume all the way up. That will give any home intruders a start!

Freeze Sensor

This sends an alarm, an email, or a text message if the temperature in your home falls below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Potentially saving you a lot of money in pipe repairs if one were to burst.

Water Sensor

The water sensor sends out an alarm if it meets any water. Like with the Freeze sensor, it will also send out an email, or text message as well. Thus, saving you thousands in potential water damage, or insurance claims.

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