How Do I Reset My PIN on SimpliSafe?

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Your PIN number is an integral part of your home security system, so I did some research about SimpliSafe PINs and how to reset them. 

How Do I Reset My SimpliSafe PIN? If you remember your PIN, you can reset it anytime using your keypad. Click on the menu button. Go to PINs. Select the PIN you want to change, and follow the directions on the keypad. If you forgot your PIN, call SimpliSafe customer service. You will need your safe word to reset your PIN over the phone.

There is a lot to know about your SimpliSafe PINs and resetting them. Different SimpliSafe PINs serve different purposes and can all be changed if needed. The information below will answer all your questions about your SimpliSafe PINs and how to reset them. 

Resetting My PIN

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Resetting your PINs regularly can help you avoid potential security breaches in your home. For example, you may want to reset your PIN if a roommate moves out, or if you just ended a relationship and your ex knows your PIN.

Resetting a PIN with the Keypad

A SimpliSafe PIN can be any four-digit number of your choosing except “1234”. You can change any of your PINs anytime using the keypad. 

  1. Click on the menu button.
  2. Go to PINs.
  3. Select the PIN you want to change. 
  4. Enter your master PIN when prompted.
  5. Enter your new PIN when prompted.

Resetting a PIN Online 

If you have a monthly subscription to SimpliSafe’s Interactive Monitoring Plan, you can also change your PINs through your online account. 

  1. Go to settings. 
  2. Go to PINs.
  3. Select the PIN you want to change and follow the directions. 

If you have the Standard Monitoring Plan, you cannot change your PINs online. 

Forgotten PIN

If you are anything like me, you struggle to remember all your different PINs and passwords. Sometimes we forget one. It happens. If you forget your SimpliSafe PIN, you will have to reset it in order to use your SimpliSafe system. Call SimpliSafe customer service at 800-548-9508. 

You will need to provide your safe word to reset your pin over the phone. If you do not remember your safeword, you can view it on your online account. 

Different Types of PINs

There are three different types of SimpliSafe PINs:

  1. Master PIN
  2. User PIN
  3. Duress PIN 

Master PIN

Every SimpliSafe system has one master PIN number which is used to turn the system on and off and access the settings using the keypad. The master PIN is the only PIN number that can be used to change the system settings on the keypad. 

A new SimpliSafe keypad has a default PIN of “1234”. When setting up your new keypad, you will be prompted to choose a master PIN. Only the main user(s) of the security system should know the master PIN. 

User PINs

A SimpliSafe account can have up to four optional user PINs. A user PIN can be any combination of four digits except “1234” and can be added using your keypad or online account.

A user PIN can be really useful. For example, if you have a new dog walker, babysitter, or house cleaner, you can assign them a specific PIN number. Children, roommates, and landlords can also be assigned their own specific PINs. 

Through the SimpliSafe phone app, you can monitor when your kids and other people turn the security system on and off, essentially monitoring when they enter and exit your home. 

User PINs cannot be used to change the system settings. Once you have set up a user PIN for a specific person, that person will not be able to remove or change the PIN or see any of your account information. They will only be able to use their PIN to turn the system on and off. 

Duress PIN

Use this number if you are forced to enter your PIN against your will. This will notify the emergency response center that you are in trouble, and the police will be dispatched immediately. Your system will be disarmed, and you will not receive a phone call from the emergency response center or the police. 

Basically, this PIN will trick an intruder into believing that you are cooperating with them while help is on its way. 

A Duress PIN can be added and changed using the keypad or an online account with Interactive Monitoring.

Tips for Making a Good Pin

Like passwords, your SimpliSafe PINs should not be numbers can be easily guessed such as your address, birthday or family members’ birthdays. 

Avoid using multiples of a number such as “3300” or number sequences such as “6789” because these are PINs that intruders tend to try first. 

If you are using multiple user PINs and a duress PIN, make sure each PIN is significantly different from the others, so that secondary users cannot easily guess your master PIN or duress PIN. 

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