How Can I Use my Webcam as a Pet Camera?

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As work from home comes to an end, many workers will miss their furry companions, and their furry companions will miss them. Having a pet camera is good to have so workers can check on their pets, but it also can help keep the homesickness at bay. But you may be wondering, how can you use your webcam as a pet camera?

You can use your webcam as a pet camera by adjusting the settings and using a video conferencing software, such as Teams or Skype, to begin the call. Additionally, pets can also be checked in on through the use of other software or mobile applications, such as Barkio.

Keep reading to learn more about using your webcam as a pet camera when you are missing your pets or want to make sure they’re okay at home.

How to Use a Webcam as a Pet Camera

Video conferencing options have increased during the pandemic, which means more options for checking in on your furry companions.

To use a webcam as a pet camera, do the following:

  1. Set up your camera up
  2. Adjust it so you can see your pet(s)
  3. Turn up the volume so you can talk to your pets
  4. Pick your preference from Skype, Teams, Zoom, or another video conferencing software or website
  5. Start the call

This way, as long as you are on the call and your pets don’t learn how to hang up, you can check in on them simply by using your computer and web camera. 

Sometimes, though, you need something more than just setting up a call on your computer and hoping that your pet doesn’t wander too far where you can see them. Let’s check some other options that may work for you. 

How to Monitor Your Pets with a Webcam Using Mobile Apps

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and many pet monitoring services come in mobile and desktop application form.

Here are some mobile apps you can use paired with your webcam to monitor your pets:

 PriceSupported PlatformsAlertsFeatures
BarkioFreeiOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, LinuxNoisyLive, Video & Voice Interact, Overview
Pet Monitor VIGI4.99iOS, Android, Windows, MacOSNoisy, CustomizableLive, Video & Voice Interact, Overview, Record Videos/Photos
PetCam1 week freeiOS, Android, Windows, MacOSNoisyLive, Voice Interact, record Videos/Photo     s

These applications will all need two devices with cameras (and a mic for noise alerts) to work, so make sure that you set up the pet camera end in a place where you can continue to monitor your furry companion and where it can’t be accidentally knocked over. 

Alternative Devices for Monitoring Your Pets

If you are unsatisfied with monitoring your pet with your webcam, you may want to find some alternative devices. We have listed below some smart cameras and pet cameras that are more suitably used for monitoring pets.

Smart Cameras 

If setting up an extra phone, tablet, or even computer is a bit much for you to monitor your pet, it is possible to set up a smart home camera to check in on your pets instead. The drawback is that they may not be able to relay your voice or video to your pets if they begin to feel anxious or rambunctious. However, many smart cameras, especially security cameras, can provide alerts if your companion gets rowdy on top of providing extra security. 

Here are two recommended smart cameras you can use to monitor your pets:

 SubscriptionSecurity MonitorAlerts
Wyze$2-4/moReal person when alertedSound, Alarms, Motion, Person

While smart home devices are more expensive, they are easier to set up than two devices and can cover a wider range than a tablet or a regular webcam for your computers. Wyze and Blink allow users to set up the cameras by placing them in the desired location and setting them up on the application.  

Pet Cameras

If you want something a little bit more interactive, going with a camera designed for pets may be your way to go. Pet cameras can have a lot of capabilities to interact and engage your companions while you are away from home, even if they do cost a little bit more. 

Here are three recommended pet cameras and some details on them:

Pawbo+$199N/ADispenses treatsLight-pointer gameTwo-way audioTake and share photos
Petcube Bites 2 Lite$99.95Audio, MotionDispenses treatsTwo-way audio24/7 assistanceSmart alertsAutomatic recording
PETZI$99.99N/ADispenses treatsTwo-way audio

The set-up for these cameras is just as simple as home security cameras, where you mount the camera where you need them and then set up the app that these devices are connected to.


There are many different options to check in on your furry companions when we switch back to working in the office or even just miss them when we are away. These various tools are great ways to make sure that we can still be in touch with our pets, and can be customized to a variety of different needs.

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