HelloBaby Baby Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep


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Keeping an eye on your baby while sleeping and not disturbing them can be challenging, but video baby monitors, such as the HelloBaby Baby Monitor, make it easy. Modern baby monitors have infrared cameras, are internet-capable, and allow you to talk to your baby through the camera like a walkie-talkie. 

It becomes even more frustrating when you have to stop what you’re doing to keep waking the baby monitor up to check on the baby. It becomes less of a quality of life improvement than a thing you must constantly tap or push a button to make sure you can keep an eye on your little one. So, why does the HelloBaby Baby Monitor keep going to sleep?.

Why Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep

The HelloBaby Baby Monitor is an excellent device to check on your baby during nap times. Still, it can become annoying and disturbing to your baby if you have to keep checking on them during their important sleep. There’s one major reason the monitor keeps going to sleep:

The HelloBaby Baby Monitor keeps going to sleep because it is set up by default to try and preserve its battery life. By sleeping often, the baby monitor will have its battery charge last longer and, in turn, have its overall battery life last longer. 

This can be frustrating if you are tired of constantly having to wake up the baby monitor. But don’t worry! There are things you can do.

  • Change the Video Off Timer Settings
  • Change the Alarm Settings
  • Perform a Hard Reset

The settings to change the screen on time and the HelloBaby Baby Monitor sleep settings are very easy to change. If changing the screen on and sleep settings don’t change the behavior of your HelloBaby Baby Monitor, it might need to be reset to the factory settings to work properly. Those instructions will be below the changing the sleep settings instructions.

Adjusting the Screen-On Time of a HelloBaby Baby Monitor

The HelloBaby Baby Monitor has easy-to-navigate settings menus and a relatively user-friendly user interface. 

To change the settings on your HelloBaby Baby Monitor:

  1. Press the OK button with the 3 Menu Lines on it to display the menu
  2. Use the Left and Right arrows to navigate the menu until you see an icon that looks like a small monitor white cross (X) on it – 
  3. This is the Video Off Timer Setting Icon
  4. Use the Up and Down arrows to select a time for the display unit to turn off after 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes if no buttons have been pressed.

A couple of things to note: 

  • If the screen goes black, the audio will still stay on. You can press any button on the HelloBaby Baby Monitor at any time to bring the video back up (and also reset the sleep timer).
  • If you have multiple cameras in your HelloBaby Baby Monitor system and are scanning between them, when the display unit goes to sleep, the audio will stay on and cycle between each camera every 10 seconds.

Setting up multiple cameras in your HelloBaby system is quick and easy! It’s especially helpful if your baby sleeps in multiple rooms.

Setting the Alarm on the HelloBaby Baby Monitor

Find that you are having trouble remembering to wake up your HelloBaby Baby Monitor, and the time frame of the Video Off Timer settings isn’t working for you. You can also have the HelloBaby Baby Monitor remind you with an audible alarm to wake the system up and check on your baby.

To set the alarm on the HelloBaby Baby Monitor:

  1. Press the OK button with the 3 Menu Lines on it to display the menu
  2. Use the Left and Right arrows to navigate the menu until you see an icon that looks like a small alarm clock
  3. Use the Up and Down arrows to select a time for the alarm
  4. Press the OK / 3 Lines Menu button to confirm your choice

Once the alarm time is selected, the display unit will make an audible alarm at the end of the selected time. The alarm will sound for one minute or until the sound is stopped by pressing any button.

Resetting a HelloBaby Baby Monitor

If your HelloBaby Baby Monitor still has issues, you may need a quick restart. Luckily, the HelloBaby Baby Monitor has a physical restart button, making the process quick and easy. No menus or messy, complex combinations of buttons to hold down. Just press a button and restart the device.

  1. Make sure both the camera and the display unit are plugged in and connected to the power
  2. Locate the Reset Button on the back of the display unit
  3. Get a paperclip (or similar small pin-like object) and press the reset button for 5 seconds
  4. Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor should turn off and restart
  5. You will now have to pair your HelloBaby Baby Monitor camera with your display unit, similar to when you first got it


More often than not, if you are having your HelloBaby Baby Monitor screen go black, the display unit is just going to sleep to preserve power. Changing the video off timer settings should solve your problem. If it doesn’t solve your problem, a simple hard reset will solve most minor troubleshooting problems with the HelloBaby Baby Monitor.

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