Fire TV Cube Blue Lights Blinking


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Owning a Fire TV Cube gives you an easy way to watch all your favorite shows on your regular television. However, some people experience problems with their device. One common issue is the blue lights on the Cube constantly blinking.

If you’ve noticed blue lights blinking on your Fire TV Cube, it could be the sign of one of three problems. Typically, it means that Alexa voice control is stuck on active. In some cases, however, your remote might need new batteries or be disconnected from the device.

Below, we will discuss how to solve each of these problems and get the lights to stop blinking. Keep reading to learn more about these common issues, as well as some solutions.

Alexa May Be Stuck on Active

Fire TV Cubes have built-in Alexa voice control. This is a feature that many people enjoy using because it allows you to turn your television on or off, open apps, and find shows without using the remote. However, Alexa voice control can sometimes be prone to issues.

Alexa activates itself when you say “Alexa” or press the voice control button on your remote. However, it can sometimes get stuck and not turn back off when you’re done using it. The blue lights on your device turn on when Alexa is waiting for a command, so if it gets stuck, the lights will not turn off and may start blinking.

This could happen for a couple of reasons. It may be a glitch with the system, or it could be because the voice control button is stuck. No matter what the issue is, there are ways to resolve it.

How to Deactivate Alexa

To fix this issue, you’ll have to deactivate Alexa in one way or another. It could be caused by the remote or the Cube itself, and the method you use depends on which it is.

First, check your remote to see if the voice control button is stuck. If it is, that is probably what’s triggering Alexa to be constantly active. Try cleaning the area around the button with a damp paper towel to see if it pops the button back up. You can also try removing the batteries and prying the button up with a paperclip.

If the button isn’t stuck, try holding the voice control button on your remote until the Alexa prompt pops up on the screen. Then, release the button and see if the lights stop blinking. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to restart your device.

Try restarting your Fire TV Cube next. Unplug it from the wall, and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in. This will restart the device, and hopefully, reset Alexa to deactivate the system.

It Might be an Issue with Your Remote

If the issue is not with Alexa, it might be with your remote. The remote may simply need new batteries, or it may have come unpaired from your Fire TV Cube. Thankfully, these problems can be easily solved. 

If Your Remote Needs New Batteries

The lights on your Fire TV Cube may be blinking because your remote’s batteries are running low. In some cases, this blinking may be accompanied by a sound. If you haven’t changed the batteries in a while, try replacing them to see if that solves the problem.

If Your Remote Has Unpaired

Your Fire TV remote needs to be paired with the Cube in order to function correctly, and connectivity issues are relatively common. Try using your remote to navigate to the home screen or open an app. If the device does not respond when you press a button, it probably needs to be paired to your device again.

How to Pair Your Fire TV Cube and Remote

If your remote has unpaired from your TV, you may be able to fix it by holding down the Home button on the remote for at least 10 seconds. If this does not work, follow the steps listed below to pair the two devices once again:

  1. Unplug your Fire TV Cube’s power adapter from the wall.
  2. With the Cube off, press and hold the remote’s home, back, and left navigation buttons simultaneously. Keep holding these three buttons for about 30 seconds.
  3. Next, remove the batteries from your remote.
  4. Plug the Cube back in, and wait for the home screen to come on.
  5. Replace the batteries and wait for about one minute to see if the remote connects.
  6. If it still won’t connect, press and hold the remote’s Home button for around 10 seconds. This should solve the pairing issue.

Final Thoughts

Blinking blue lights on your Fire TV Cube could signify a few different problems. It could be due to an Alexa malfunction, or it might be an issue with your remote. Use the information above to diagnose the problem, then take the necessary steps to solve it. If all else fails, you may have to try rebooting the Cube itself.

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