Everything you need to know about Halo smart dog collar system

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Is there a monthly fee for Halo dog collar? Does the Halo collar require a subscription?

Yes. The most basic plan starts at $4.50 per month for the first collar, and $3 per month for each additional collar. An intermediate plan adds activity tracking, and greater customization, at a rate of $10 per month for the first collar and $2.50 for each additional collar.

The highest tier plan offers all of the above plus added dog training lessons released monthly and access to expert trainers. This plan is priced at $30 per month for the first collar, and $2 per month for each additional collar.

There are no contract commitments for Halo service; it can be canceled at any time, though this would deactivate the collar.

Does Halo dog collar work without Wi-Fi?

Yes. When the collar loses connection to your WiFi, it will automatically switch over to using cellular data. There might be a momentary lag in tracking while the collar switches networks, but it won’t affect the collar’s reaction to the geofence perimeters.

Does Halo Collar work without cell service?

Yes, but with limited functionality. Halo collars store their virtual fences on memory inside the collar itself. To use it without cell service, you would have to set the collar’s boundaries from the app while it still had internet access.

The collar control screen

One that has been done, the collar will work properly without any cell service or other internet connection, keeping your dog within the fenced area. However, without cell service you will not be able to track the collar outside of the Bluetooth range of your phone or tablet.

Likewise, if your pet is on the loose and you are tracking them, you will only be able to get location updates when their collar is able to get a cellular signal.

What cellular network does the Halo collar use?

Halo collars operate on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

How long does the battery last?

The Halo collar’s battery is rated to run 20 hours on a single charge. My own usage suggests that this estimate is fairly accurate. Thus, you should be able to get a full day’s usage and charge the collar overnight. The collar recharges from a standard USB-C connection, allowing it to be connected to almost any charger.

The battery of a Halo beacon.

The batteries for the Halo collar beacons which come with the system are projected to last 5-6 months before needing replacement.

Is the Halo collar waterproof?

Yes. The Halo collar has an IP67 rating. This “Ingress Protection” rating means that the collar is rated for complete protection against dust for an extended period of time, and protection against complete submersion in water at least 1 meter deep for at least 30 minutes. The Halo collar has also been tested against saltwater.

Typically, devices with an IP67 rating are considered fully waterproof, and can often survive submersion at depths shallower than 9 meters for periods considerably longer than 30 minutes, but the ratings are based on the exact tested conditions.

Is the Halo collar good for training?

The Halo collar offers a number of options to help train your dog, including both positive and negative feedback. The service also offers training videos, and on some plans direct lessons from and consultation with professional dog trainers.

A hand holding a Halo dog collar beacon
A Halo collar beacon, used to help train the dog.

Notably, the Halo collar system is endorsed by well known dog trainers Cesar Milan and Jas Leverette.

How accurate is the Halo collar?

The Halo collar uses GPS signals to assess its location. The manufacturer advertises that it is accurate down to “a few feet.” In practice, this is usually true, though signal strength and occasional glitches can interfere with accuracy or cause the collar to report an incorrect location.

GPS signals are typically considered accurate down to at least five meters (16 feet)–that is to say, under normal circumstances reported position is certain to be within 5 meters of actual position. However, depending on other technologies the margin of error can be less, and under low signal conditions it can be more

Does the Halo collar shock your dog?

A mild shock feedback, referred to as “emergency feedback” or “static” by the Halo documentation, is available as an option to prevent a dog from exiting their fenced area. However, this is optional and can be disabled. The electrical contacts can also be removed from the collar entirely if desired.

At what age can I use a Halo collar with my dog?

The manufacturer recommends the collar only for dogs ages 5 months and up.

What area does the Halo collar cover? How far does it reach?

A Halo geofence requires a minimum area of 250 square feet to be operational, however this is still very small. The system is better suited to larger areas, the type of yards where conventional buried-wire invisible fence systems are impractical.

The Halo system’s upper limit for a fence size, according to the manufacturer, is “tens of square miles,” or about the size of a small town.

Is Halo better than Invisible Fence?

The two systems have considerably different strengths. Halo is less exact in its boundaries, but can cover much larger areas that a conventional Invisible Fence system cannot, as well as offering GPS tracking of your pet. Invisible Fence is better suited to small yards where the cost of laying wire for the system doesn’t become prohibitive, and the small size would make using a geofence impractical.

Can I use the Halo collar with more than one dog?

The Halo collar system can easily handle multiple dogs, each with their own collar. The manufacturer’s website does not mention a maximum number of dogs, but I’ve personally tested it with up to four dogs at once, and it works fine.

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