Eufy Camera vs Nest

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The best smart security camera is one that can be quickly set up while giving you absolute surveillance over your smart home in a sophisticated manner. Although not all smart camera products are as good as they seem, one brand may have more advantages over the other. 

In this article, we are going to look at both the Eufy Camera Indoor cam and the Google Nest Cam indoor, comparing both products, and deciding on the option which would be worth your purchase.

The Features of Eufy & Nest Cameras

Below you’ll find a table that shows an extensive list of characteristics between the Eufy Indoor Cam 2k and the Nest Cam Indoor:

Features/CharacteristicsEufy Indoor Cam 2KNest Cam Indoor
Resolution2304 x 12961920 x 1080
Field of View125 degrees130 degrees
Camera Sensor1 /2.7” CMOS⅓” 3 MP Sensor
Wi-Fi Band2.4GHz802.11 a/b/g/n(2.4GHz/5GHz
Night Vision8 IR LEDs8 IR LEDs
2-way AudioYesYes
Sound Detection or AlertsYesYes
Motion DetectionYesYes
Pan and Tilt featuresNo; Only the Pan and Tilt modelNo
Facial Recognition No; Only the EufyCam series canNo
Live Viewing/StreamingYes with MicroSDYes
Local StorageYes; Up to 128GB (not included)No
Cloud storageYes ($30/Year)Yes: 3 hours free, $60/year
Rolling Subscription StorageLast 14 days of 24/7 videoLast 30 days of Video history, up to 10 days of 24/7 recording
Activity ZonesYesYes (Nest Aware subscription)
Human/Object DetectionYesYes (Nest Aware subscription)
Voice AssistantsGoogle Assistant, Alexa and HomeKitGoogle Assistant and Alexa

If you would like to learn more about Nest cameras, check out this article. Now, let’s get into the longevity and compatibility between these two cameras.

Eufy Indoor Cam 2K

Eufy Indoor Cam is made by a reputable company, Anker, which is a parent of the Eufy security company. Unfortunately, it is less famous compared to its counterpart. 

This model, which is offered as a budget model for indoor cameras, features a high-end video quality, an AI detection/activity zone and smart home integration which is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple. The most promising part is that it has local storage, and you can use this cam well without subscribing.

Nest Cam Indoor

Made by one of the most famous smart home companies Google, the Nest Cam Indoor is a classic indoor security camera. Although more than 6 years old, this product can still be compared to newer models, and brands like even Eufy. 

With a 1080p camera, you wouldn’t miss anything with a 30 FPS, night vision, and an 8X zoom. Although to truly experience this security cam and its awesome features, you would need to get a subscription plan.

Is The Eufy Camera Good?

The Eufy Indoor Cam is a standard home security camera that offers users and customers, top-notch features that would keep your smart home secured. These features include a bank-grade, 256-bit encrypted connection that keeps your recordings secured, a local as well as a cloud storage option, and the need to use it without any monthly subscription fees.

We also love the fact that Eufy cameras have one of the easiest setups, and this model comes with a high-quality 2k video resolution which makes the 8X digital zoom efficient. If you want a classic wired camera for inside the corners of your sitting room, kitchen, dining, or tabletop to keep an eye on your pet, kids, or intruders, Eufy Indoor camera would be a GOOD choice.

Pros of the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K

Here are some pros of the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K:

  • Compatible with HomeKit.
  • Main security features do not require a subscription.
  • Affordable.
  • Local Storage
  • Automated pet commands.

Now, let’s look at the cons.

Cons of the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K

Here are some cons of the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K:

  • Low FPS.
  • Doesn’t support 5GHz.
  • No 2FA

To come to a decision between the two, let’s take a look at Google Nest Indoor Cam’s pros and cons.

Is The Google Nest Indoor Good?

The Google Nest indoor cam is one of the most famous indoor security home cameras made by Google. It is well made, compact in design, and cheap although it is much costlier than the Eufy brand. It is a good camera when you lay out all the features. With a 1080p full HD video recording, you can keep your home safe 24/7 by using the live stream feature. 

Setting this camera up is not as easy as the Eufy indoor cam, but it works well with your google home. To unlock an array of features, Google charges its users for the Best aware monthly subscription which if you don’t subscribe, you will have just three hours of video history. 

Pros of the Google Nest Indoor Camera

Here are some of the pros of the Google Nest Indoor camera:

  • Remarkable FPS.
  • Communicates with other Nest products in the ecosystem.
  • Can control hue lightbulbs made by Philips.
  • Has a wider FOV.
  • Reliable Nest Alerts.

Now, let’s look at the cons.

Cons of the Google Nest Indoor Camera

Here are some cons of the Google Nest Indoor camera:

  • Core security features need a subscription.
  • Expensive compared to other models.
  • No local storage.

Please keep in mind the good sides and bad sides of both of these cameras to decide which ones will provide the utmost security for your home.


The Google Nest Indoor cam has been a go-to surveillance system for smart homes over the years, but competitors like Eufy have begun to launch budget-smart cameras which compares, and improves on the Nest’s specifications and features while keeping prices low. Both devices listed above offer two-way audio, Alexa and Google integrations, 24/7 live view, night vision, and AI detection features.

To help you decide the brand to get, you would have to consider how much it will cost, both in initial purchase and over time subscription.

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