Easy Fix for Element TV Not Connecting to WiFi

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There is a complaint often heard amongst Element TV owners; that their TV refuses to connect to WiFi. While this can leave you flustered if you are in the position, you can easily fix it yourself with the right know-how.

The five main ways of fixing an Element TV not connecting to WiFi are:

1. Restarting the TV

2. Restarting the router

3. Enabling network pings

4. Doing a factory reset

5. Setting up a network connection

Not explanatory enough? Stay with me to get a total explanation of the problem and how you can fix it.

Troubleshooting The Problem

If your Element TV is not connecting to the WiFi network, you need to ensure that the problem is with the TV and not the WiFi router. 

To check this, good the following steps:

●      Make sure the WiFi connection is working perfectly.

●      Ensure that the WiFi router is located within ten to fifteen feet of the television.

●      Check all devices connected to the network to see if they are functioning properly.

●      Disconnect all other connected devices and try connecting the TV. This is to determine if the network refuses to connect that number of devices.

●      Download the help app for your router on a phone or tablet. After downloading, run a network scan to diagnose the problem and follow the troubleshooting guide.

After following these steps, if you discover no problem with the network itself, the issue lies with your television. Go to the next section to know how to resolve this.

How To Fix Element TV Not Connecting To WiFi

Now that you’ve confirmed that the trouble is with the TV, how do you fix it? Knowing the problem is one thing, and fixing it is another.

 Below are the methods of fixing your element TV not connecting to the network:

●       Restart the Television: The first and the most basic solution to a problem like ours is just to restart the system. Remember when your electronic appliances act up but are perfectly fine after turning them off and back on? We apply the same logic here. However, while you can restart your TV with the remote, it is advised that you unplug it from the power supply for a few minutes to clear the lingering memory of the last boot.

●       Restart your router: It is often needed to restart your router itself. Like the television, you can very well restart it with its remote, but in this case, you should unplug from power and plug it back in after some minutes. As most routers do not connect to the internet till a few minutes after a reboot, wait a moment until the router goes back online before trying to connect.

●       Setup network connection: This is the solution if the cause of the problem is that the TV isn’t connecting to the right WiFi network or there have been an input or wrong details. To do this, go to the settings menu from your home page. Under Settings, you will see the network menu. You will see “Check network connection” in the network menu if a network is connected to the TV. If not, just go to “Setup connection” and input the details of your WiFi network. After doing this, restart your TV and check the network connection.

●       Enable network pings: This is a rather obscure part of the TV settings, and it requires a special combination to be able to access it, as it is in Platform secret settings. To get to the Platform secret settings, press the home button five times on the remote. Then press the forward, play, rewind, play, and forward buttons. Once you press the above key combination, your secret platform settings will be displayed on the screen. From here, go to the system operation menu and press okay. Here, you will see the network menu and under the network menu, click on disable network pings to enable network pings. After this, restart your TV, and it should be connected to the network without any issue.

●       Do a factory reset: Doing a factory reset is an option of last resort that you can try when you’ve exhausted all the other options on this list. To reset your TV, select Settings on the television home screen menu. Under Settings, go to Device and software, where you select factory reset. Note that you will lose all your data when you use this option, so you should back up the data you might need.


To cap it all, there are five ways you can solve the problem of Element TV not connecting to WiFi. You can do it by restarting the TV, restarting the router, setting up the network connection, enabling network pings, or resetting the TV, as stated previously. However, if none of the given solutions works, contact your customer support. 

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