Does the Ring Doorbell Light Up At Night?

Bottom of ring doorbell with blue lightBottom of ring doorbell with blue light

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At night things can get tricky when it comes to navigating a front porch. If you are having guests over at night, they need to be able to see your Ring Doorbell to notify you of their arrival.

Does the Ring Doorbell light up at night? A Ring Doorbell will only stay illuminated if it is hardwired. If your Ring Doorbell is using battery, it will try to save energy and cancel this feature.

Having your Ring Doorbell lit up at night can deter invaders from approaching your home. However, sometimes your Ring Doorbell could be lit up and flashing white for another reason.

Ring Doorbell is Lit at Night

Your Ring Doorbell is an efficient piece of technology. The doorbell will go into a self-preservation mode if it uses the battery to save any energy when it can. This means the LED Ring will only become illuminated when the doorbell’s button is pressed.

 Should you already have the Ring Doorbell hardwired, then it will continuously be receiving power and will keep the white light behind the button illuminated.

If your Ring Doorbell is flashing white at any moment these issues could be the problem:

  • Lost wi-fi connection
  • A change in the wi-fi’s password
  • Loose router wire
  • Too high of a voltage for Ring Doorbell
  • Voltage is too low Ring Doorbell

Ring states that if the white light appears to be flashing, then it is more or likely due to a low power transfer or loss of wi-fi connection. You can run your own diagnostic test to see if this is the actual problem, before contacting a support agent for help by doing the following:

  • The white light is continuously flashing
  • The Ring app does not alert you of anything on your smartphone or tablet
  • Any and all Event recordings have stopping
  • When you push the button on your Ring Doorbell it makes a sound

Ring Doorbell’s Different Light Meanings

Because your Ring Doorbell can only connect with you either through the Ring app or the illuminated LED Ring, there are multiple lighting sequences.

  • Battery Charging: LED Ring will spin blue and then turn white.
  • Battery Charging Complete: LED Ring will stay completely blue until you take it off of its charger.
  • Call Initiated: LED Ring will keep spinning blue until the call connects.
  • Call Connected: Once the call connects, the LED Ring with stay blue until the call is over.
  • Hardwired: LED Ring will be on off white color as long as it remains hardwired.
  • Setup Mode: LED Ring will spin in white until the setup is complete.
  • Software Update: LED Ring will flash white.
  • Factory Reset: LED Ring will flash blue until the factory reset is over.

When your Ring Doorbell chooses to show a blue light on the LED Ring, then this means that there is a Bluetooth connection going on.

If there is a white LED Ring, this will more than likely show you that there is wi-fi or lack thereof, connectivity.

On the chance that you see a red LED Ring light, this will indicate that you must recharge your battery before your doorbell goes down.

At this moment, a Ring customer support agent states that there are no ways to disable or enable the illumination feature to make the LED Ring light up at night. Your Ring Doorbell is either hardwired to have that light stay on all night or it is battery operated with no illuminating light.

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