Does Ring Chime Work With Google Nest?

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If you have just purchased a new Ring Chime, you might want to connect them to your Google Nest to better include it with your existing smart security system. If so, you’ve probably noticed that the instructions include connecting to the Amazon Echo, but not the Google Nest. 

The answer is complicated. Amazon owns Ring, and Google is their biggest competitor. They don’t have a history of cooperation, so connecting Ring to the Google Nest requires some extra steps. 

Don’t worry, it can be done! In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what to do to connect your Ring Chime to your Google Nest, as well as some troubleshooting tips and a bit of good news about the future of Ring, Google and the possibility of full integration one day!

Making the Connection 

If you put in the work, you most certainly can use your Ring Chime with Google Nest! Of course, as we’ve mentioned, Ring is owned by Amazon. For the moment, fully integrating your entire collection of Ring devices with the Google Hub is still not possible…for now. 

How To Connect Your Ring Chime To Google Nest

  1. Set up your Ring Chime using the Ring App. You must have the Ring app installed on your phone before connecting your Chime to the Google Hub. 
  2. Go into your Nest App And Select Add 
  3. Select Add Device
  4. Google will give you the prompt “Have Something Set Up?”
  5. Choose Ring on the list of devices  
  6. Follow the prompts on Nest To Pair Your Devices 
  7. Select Allow
  8. Select Done 
  9. Open the Google Home App
  10. Select Home
  11. Select Chime
  12. Select Settings
  13. Select Name, then enter a name for your Chime
  14. Tap Save

Continue in the Google Home App to add other users according to the instructions provided if desired. 

But, in addition to answering the question of how to use your Ring Chime devices with your Google Nest hub, we’ve also discovered a few other tips for connecting Ring devices to your Nest. Plus, we’ve included some interesting news that may result in the ability to achieve full connectivity soon! Read on to find out more!

You Can Pair Other Ring Products To Nest

Using the same instructions above, you can pair more Ring security products to your Google Nest. While not all of the functions will apply, the Google Assistant will provide notifications from your Ring devices and control some basic functions in the same way it does with third party smart plugs, lamps, and other smart tech. 

To do this, you simply follow the same instructions we’ve already provided. Please keep in mind that this requires the use of the Ring App, Google Home App, and the Nest App to connect your Ring devices. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

Most Ring products work with the Google Nest and the Google Nest Mini, Google’s rebranded 2nd Gen version of the Google Home Mini. However, if you have the previous generation Google Home Mini device, connection may not be possible with your Ring devices. Make sure that your Google Home Mini is compatible with Ring products before attempting to link them. 

While you may not be able to connect to the Google Home Mini, you can still use your Google Assistant to communicate with your Ring devices with limited functions through your Google Assistant and Google Home Apps on your smartphone. Please note that you will still need to use the Ring App as a go between to use this feature. 

Google And Amazon Considering Cross Compatibility

Ring is owned by Amazon, which makes full integration of Ring products with the Google line of products a problem due to the longstanding competition between the two companies, but there is hope on the horizon. Amazon and Google both see the value in working together when it comes to the Smart Home consumer market, and have been in talks since 2019 to achieve cross compatibility across their devices. 

Connecting all of your smart home devices with the use of multiple apps may soon be a thing of the past, with both companies agreeing to cooperate with each other and other companies.

Cross compatibilitywould give you the chance to use the devices you love the way they are meant to be used, without the hassle of acting as Tech Support every time you buy a new device.

In addition to being a lot more user friendly, this would also give you a choice in how much you want to pay for new devices by allowing you as the consumer to choose them based on your needs. 

In Conclusion

There you go, tips tricks and news to address the question of how to connect your Ring Chime to Google Nest! Painting them may seem like a daunting task, but learning how is easy. 

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