Does Burger King Have Free WiFi? The Complete Guide

A Burger King restaurantA Burger King restaurant

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Burger King is a fast-food chain that has been around since 1953. Over the years, the company has grown to keep up with technology and guest needs. So, does Burger King have free WiFi?

Burger King has Free WiFi at all of its restaurant chains. This includes national restaurants and international restaurants. This WiFi service is provided by AT&T, one of the world’s leading cellular and internet providers. 

This proves that Burger King is dedicated to providing its customers with top-caliber service. Now that you know that Burger King does provide free WiFi, it is important to know how to connect to it.

Connecting to Burger King’s Free WiFi

Connecting to Burger King’s WiFi is the first step to getting on your laptop and working while lunching. 

If you have never connected to their WiFi, you may be wary for the first time. Follow the instructions below to ensure you connect properly:

  1. Sign in to the Burger King App. Depending on your smartphone model, this can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  2. Go to the Burger King WiFi launcher website if it does not pop up automatically. You can link to it here.
  3. Enter your email to verify that you are a real person, not a robot.
  4. Enjoy the connection.

After connecting to the launch page, search the web as you would. 

The connection is reliable, as it is brought to Burger King through AT&T, one of the nation’s largest internet providers.                                                                                                                                                                          

Burger King’s WiFi Speed

When connecting to Burger King’s WiFi, you may be curious to know exactly how fast the speeds are. 

This will help you determine if you can successfully make a Zoom call or log in to a high-rendering media processor. 

AT&T provides Burger King with speeds up to 3.58Mbps. This means that the speeds provided by Burger King are equivalent to that of a 4G network and its speeds. A typical 4G network will also cover around 2,000 square feet of space.

So, no matter where you sit inside or outside Burger King, you can be sure that you will always be able to access reliable internet service, regardless of where you sit.

Do I Need to be a Paying Customer to Connect?

Since the WiFi at Burger King is free, does that mean you have to purchase something at Burger King to use it?

Burger King does not require patrons to pay for any item or service to use it. The service is provided as a courtesy and is completely free to anyone who frequents the business, whether they eat or relax.

Just because the service is free does not mean a user should abuse the service. Buying an item off the deal menu is polite before connecting to the internet. 

After all, the company pays for the service for its customers, and it is not intended to be used heavily for long periods of time.

Burger King isn’t the only fast food joint with free WiFi available to their customers; McDonald’s and Wendy’s do too!

Burger King has a Time Limit on the WiFi

To combat an overburdened internet system for its clientele, Burger King has imposed a time limit on WiFi connectivity. 

Users who connect to the service will be automatically disconnected after 30 minutes of continued use.

After the disconnection, the user can go back into the launcher and sign back in to acquire WiFi. 

Simply enter your email address, agree to the terms, and continue to search all over again.

The reason why this time cap exists is to ensure the internet does not become over-encumbered. 

If too many people log in to the system, the WiFi will slow down, resulting in a negative experience for all. The time limit prevents this from occurring.

What Devices can Connect to Burger King WiFi?

You can connect to the Burger King WiFi network if you have a smart device with WiFi capabilities. 

This is because the connection is fast enough and compatible with all smart devices. Some examples of devices that can connect to Burger King WiFi are:

  • Android Device
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Laptop
  • Chromebook
  • Amazon Fire 8 HD
  • iWatch
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Bluetooth Speakers

Any device with wireless capabilities can essentially connect to the Burger King network. 

This is so that users can enjoy it without the service slowing down. When the service is slow, it can result in disconnection or severe lagging.

Connect to Public WiFi Securely

Before connecting to a public WiFi network, it is important to connect to a VPN. A VPN is used to protect your IP and computer data when browsing the internet.

Choosing the right VPN is very important. Below is a list of the best VPN options available now.

  • VPN Proxy Master
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

No matter which options you select, you will be sure to have a high-quality and secure VPN to keep you safe while browsing the internet.

Enjoy the Free WiFi at Burger King

Burger King aims to provide its employees with the best possible experience when they dine at their restaurant. 

One part of this exemplary service is providing free WiFi. So next time you need to nosh and work, head to Burger King to eat and use their WiFi.

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