Does Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Work Without Wifi?

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The Amazon Fire Tablet 7 is an affordable tablet with all the regular hallmarks of a budget device. As the tablet doesn’t have a mobile network feature, it isn’t unusual to wonder if you can use it without a WiFi connection.

Yes, the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet works without Wifi. You can do many things without internet access on your Fire 7 Tablet, including watching downloaded movies or reading downloaded ebooks. However, its functions will be limited without internet access, especially if you don’t have many downloaded files.

We shall look at the question in-depth and also take a cursory look at the Fire 7 itself and answer a few other questions about the device.

Can One Use Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Without Wifi?

Like many other Fire tablet devices, the Fire 7 doesn’t have a sim card slot. This means that you won’t need cellular activation to use the internet. Also, it means you won’t be able to access the internet without a WiFi connection.

However, having no access to the internet via WiFi doesn’t make your Fire 7 useless. You can still do many regular tasks on the tablet without the internet.

What Can You Do With The Fire 7 Tablet Without Internet?

Like most mobile devices, the Fire 7 can do many things even without an internet connection. Some of these are watching downloaded movies, listening to music, reading downloaded books, or playing games. However, the low RAM and poor processor of the Fire 7 ensure that you can’t play heavy games on it. Also, if you want to enjoy a movie with high display quality fully, you are in for some disappointment. But all other lightweight tasks can be done without fuss.

Features and Review of the Fire 7 Tablet

The Fire 7 is a low-end device that you can use to do many regular tasks but doesn’t promise you a powerful engine. Its detailed features are discussed at length below:

  • Storage and memory: With 2 Gb of RAM, playing games or even doing heavier internet tasks won’t serve you well. Also, the base model has just 16 Gb of memory space, while the special edition has 32 Gb with additional cost. However, this pales awfully in comparison with modern cell phones. Luckily, there is a micro SD slot you can use to add additional memory of up to 512 Gb. You should not take this too seriously, as a mobile device with 1 Gb can’t run well at such high storage without experiencing lags. Still, it is a good backup to have. Additionally, you can’t install apps or games on the memory card, so it’s only just there for other types of files like videos and music.
  • Battery: The battery life is quite disappointing. While Amazon says it can take 10 hours of mixed usage, the reality is quite disappointing. Using the Fire 7 on WiFi is very tasking on the battery, and if you want to enjoy the device, you have to remove many apps to reduce background battery usage. Otherwise, the battery declines rapidly even when the device is not in use.
  • Display: The display is made of a low-quality screen, and you’ll be unable to use it in the sunlight. Also, you shouldn’t expect HD Quality while watching movies on the device.
  • Camera: Tablets generally aren’t known for their photo-taking prowess. And it’s no surprise that a budget tablet like the Fire 7 continues in this tradition. It features 2MP rear and front cameras. The latter can be useful for occasional selfies or video calls. However, it’s hard to see why the rear camera would ever be used. It’s a good thing to have nonetheless!
  • Software: The interface of the Fire 7 is quite sluggish. However, it allows hands-free virtual assistants with Alexa, although the microphones are not sensitive enough to give the brilliant experience you would get from, say, Amazon Echo Show.

However, at $50, it is very difficult to expect much more from the Fire 7. If your needs are occasional indoor reading or minor internet surfing, you can’t go wrong with the Fire 7. But if you need a tablet to read in the full glare of sunlight or play memory-intensive games, you’ll have to splurge the cash for other more expensive devices.

Does Fire 7 Tablet Use Mobile Internet?

The Fire 7 tablet doesn’t have a sim card slot, so there is no way to get cellular data on it. The only way you can get internet access is by connecting it to WiFi or using a hotspot from a phone.


You can still use your Amazon Fire 7 Tablet without a WiFi connection to do many minor tasks. Of course, you won’t get the obvious things you need internet access for, but things like playing games and reading books offline are always on the shelf.

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