Does Amazon Fire Tablet Work With a Stylus?

A tablet next to a pen paper and a mugA tablet next to a pen paper and a mug

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The Amazon Fire Tablet is a powerful tablet you can use to take notes, stream videos, surf the internet and watch movies. However, someone that uses theirs to take notes often will probably want a pen to use for the purpose. Which begs the question of if Amazon Fire tablets work with a pen.

The Amazon Fire tablet can work with a stylus if you have an app that induces the pressure needed for the pen to work. This is because the tablets themselves don’t have the pressure sensitivity required.

We shall look at the best stylus, and you can know if a stylus is compatible with your tablet. Stick with us!

Can You Use a Stylus with Amazon Fire Tablet?

Yes, you can use a stylus on an Amazon fire tablet. You can use any passive or capacitive stylus that is compatible with the Fire operating system.

However, the Fire HD 8 and 10 models do not have pressure sensitivity for you to use a stylus on them. However, you can use a drawing app like Artflow and Medibang that will provide the pressure sensitivity you need to use a pen on a Fire Tablet. With the help of these apps, you can take notes, draw and sketch on your Fire tablet.

Best Stylus for Amazon Fire

The Amazon Fire tablets aren’t built to create artworks that could be lauded as professional. However, you can use them to do basic sketching and drawing tasks.

  • Bargains Depot Stylus: This lightweight and fashionable pen come in two fiber tips. One has a tip of 5mm and is suitable for tasks that require accuracy like drawing, while the other has a 6mm tip and is suitable for things like playing games. One very useful feature of the Bargains Depot Stylus is that you can remove the tip when it’s worn out. With a stainless steel and aluminum body, the Bargains Depot Stylus gives you the feel of using a normal pen.
  • Meko Universal Stylus: It has tips at both edges. The standard 6mm fiber tips on one edge for all regular surfing or playing games. On the other end is a clear disc that does the job for all precision work. This makes it perfect for any task you want to do on your tablet. The Meko stylus also allows you to remove both tips when you feel they need to be replaced. The rubber grip, in conjunction with the aluminum design, makes the Meko stylus feel like you’re holding a real pen, and it is great for designers, kids, and the average adult alike.
  • AI Case: Fire tablets are not known for their proficiency in drawing and sketching, but you can still use them to do these tasks. And there is no pen better for the job than the AI case active stylus pen, a wonderful pen with a 1.45mm tip that gives precision. You can also use it for normal use, of course, as its high sensitivity makes it ideal for whatever you want to do.
  • Oribox Stylus Pen: The Oribox brand is well known for many excellent tools used in support of electronic devices like phones and televisions. And their stylus stays true to its acclaimed reputation. It is unique in having two different tips: one tip is a soft rubber you can use to play games, while the other is a regular ballpoint pen. This gives you a regular and digital pen in one small package. It is compatible with Amazon fire touchscreens, and you will enjoy having it.

How Do You Know if a Stylus is Compatible?

Not every stylus works with every tablet. For example, some work better with Apple tablets while some don’t. Same with the Amazon Fire series. However, most pens are universal and will work with your tablet. Although compatibility means they will work better with some devices than with others.

To know if a stylus is compatible with your tablet, you need to check if it’s capacitive or resistive. For Fire tablets, you need a capacitive or passive stylus. You should therefore ensure that the stylus is this type before getting it.

Can You Take Handwritten Notes on a Fire Tablet?

With these passive pens, you can jot down notes on your Fire tablet. However, like with drawing and sketching, you will need the help of a notes app. There are many such apps in the Amazon store; an example is Finiiote and Write notes. These apps work with any compatible stylus. Also, Google Gboard has a handwriting input mode that converts your handwritten notes into text.


If you are planning to get an Amazon Fire tablet and you are wondering if you’ll be able to use a stylus with it, well, the answer is simple. You can use a pen with your tablet, provided you have an app installed on it that will provide pressure sensitivity.

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