Do Samsung TVs Have a Headphone Jack?

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You may find yourself wondering if your Samsung TV has a headphone jack. Maybe you’re in a situation where the TV can’t be too loud but you still want to watch something.

Using Headphones on Samsung TV without Auxiliary Jack

If your Samsung TV doesn’t have a 3.1mm auxiliary jack to connect your headphones, there are other methods available. In this section, we’ve provided a breakdown of your options to assist you.  

Use An Adaptor To Connect Your Headphone Jack Via USB Port 

Many new Samsung models lack a 3.1mm or 3.5mm audio jack, but most models come with built-in USB ports that can be found on the back of the TV near or around the  HDMI ports.

Purchasing a 3.5mm auxiliary to USB adaptor may be the most cost-effective option.

Benefits include:

  • Plug and Play – No installation needed.
  • Use Current Headphones – Don’t need to purchase additional headphones.
  • Compatibility – Use this adaptor with a laptop, PlayStation, tablet, and more.
  • Strong Connection – Compared to wireless Bluetooth, this option is very stable and won’t drop audio.
  • Cost effective – Since you can use your current headphones, you can save money.
  • Hi-Fi Sound Quality – Brings you 96KHZ@24bit sound quality.

An adaptor of this type allows you to continue using the headphones you already have rather than purchasing another set.  

Use Bluetooth to Connect Wirelessly 

Many of the newer models of Samsung TVs are equipped to connect to other devices via Bluetooth, including wireless headphones.

Please note that Samsung has reported possible issues you may experience when using this type of connection and that there may be sound quality discrepancies or possible dropped audio depending on connection strength and your TV sound presets.  

 To pair an audio device with your Samsung TV using a Bluetooth connection, follow the steps below:  

Samsung TVs 2017-2022 

  1. Using your remote, select Settings 
  1. Select Sound 
  1. Select Sound Output 
    Sound output
  1. Turn on headphones and set to Pairing Mode 
  1. Select Bluetooth Speaker List and select your headphones from available options 
    Bluetooth Speaker list
    Select Sonos device from the list

Samsung TVs 2016: 

  1. Select Home 
  1. Select Settings 
  1. Select Sound 
  1. Select Expert Settings 
  1. Select Wireless Speaker Manager 
  1. Turn on headphones and set to Pairing Mode 
  1. Select Bluetooth Audio Devices and choose headphones from available options 
Samsung TV sound ouput

Samsung TVs 2015: 

  1. Select Menu 
  1. Select Sound 
  1. Select Additional Settings 
  1. Turn headphones on and set to Pairing Mode 
  1. Select Bluetooth audio and choose headphones from available options 

Samsung TVs 2014:  

  1. Select Menu 
  1. Select Sound 
  1. Select Speaker Settings 
  1. Turn on headphones and set to Pairing Mode 
  1. Select Bluetooth Headphone and choose headphones from available options  

Use a Bluetooth Transmitter

You may also choose to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter to strengthen the connection between your wireless devices and your Samsung TV.

These devices can be purchased for a relatively low cost and plugged directly into your TV to strengthen and improve connection.

This will allow you to connect multiple Bluetooth devices, whereas your Samsung TV can only support one Bluetooth connection at a time. 

Use your RCA Output on your Samsung TV

You can also pick up a Female to 2 RCA Male Adapter. This lets you use the white and red audio input plugs that most TVs have and opens an audio jack 3.5mm for your headphones to use.

Almost every Samsung TV will have those 3 red, white, and yellow RCA INPUT components.

This RCA adapter is great option and its inexpensive as well.

Other Methods to Connect Headphones To Your Samsung TV  

There are options to choose from that do not require a Bluetooth connection or an adaptor to listen to audio from your Samsung TV on headphones.

Dedicated Transmitter

For users that want to avoid the hassle of reconnecting their headphones every time they wish to use them, you may choose to purchase headphones with a dedicated transmitter.

These headphones are specifically designed to connect with your television without interference from other Bluetooth devices.

Instructions for use of headphones with a dedicated transmitter depend on the model of headphones that are purchased.  

Optical to Analog Converter

There is also the option of using an optical to analog converter to connect your headphones, however, this type of connection may prove unreliable as it is intended for sound devices like speakers and tends to produce very poor sound quality when used with headphones.  

Unfortunately, the latest Samsung TVs do not have any headphone audio jack inputs. The only option is to use a audio jack adaptor to USB.

We hope one of these solutions was able to get you to use your headphones with your Samsung TV.

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