Do Element TVs Have PIP Or Picture In Picture?

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Element TVs have become an extremely popular option due to their affordable price point, great picture quality, and ample pre-installed apps to enjoy endless entertainment. However, there are some features that Element TVs do not have. Now you may be wondering, do Element TVs have PIP or picture in picture?

The unfortunate news is that Element TVs do not have a picture in picture or PIP option. Which means that you will not be able to watch two different programs at the same time. However, you can use screen mirroring if you are desperate to watch two screens at a time.

Although this may be disappointing, enjoying two pictures on your one Element TV screen is not out of the question. In this article, we will discuss how you can use several other options to mirror a smart device and then use it to split the screen on your television. 

Do Element TVs have Picture in Picture?

Now you know that Element TVs do not offer picture in picture or PIP. This feature, which allows you to watch one program across the screen as well as a different program as a smaller screen in the corner, is usually used for sports games or news broadcasts. 

The good news is, there are ways to enjoy a split screen on your Element TV, offering essentially the same feature: watching two programs at once. 

How to Enjoy a Split Screen on your Element TV

In order to create a split screen on your Element TV, you will need to use one of three possible options: 

  • Screen Mirroring.
  • Chromecast
  • AIrPlay

Each of these options come with their own set of instructions which we will step through now. If you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone or Mac, you can skip ahead to the AirPlay section.

How to Screen Mirror on to an Element TV

If you have never used screen mirroring, it is a convenient way to use the big screen of your Element TV to watch something that may not be available on the television itself. 

If you have an Android device,  i.e. a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you simply follow the instructions below in order to connect your smart device to your Element TV. 

  • First things first, you must ensure that both your TV and your smart device are connected to the same wireless network. 
  • Then, navigate to the television’s home screen and select SETTINGS.
  • Within SETTINGS, select SYSTEM.
  • Change the mode to display ALWAYS ALLOW.

From here, you will need to access your smart device’s settings menu as well and navigate to the screen mirroring section and change the toggle to turn it on. 

Your device screen will now be visible on your television and if your laptop, tablet, or phone offers split screen viewing, you will be able to see both “screens” on the big screen! 

How to Use Chromecast on an Element TV

It’s important to note that not all Element TVs support Chromecast. Your Element model must be an Android in order to use this tool. If your Element TV is an Android and you are using and Android smart device to cast, here’s what you need to do to connect them:

  • Once again, you need to ensure that both your smart device from where you want to cast and your television are both connected to the same home wireless network. 
  • Then, download the Google Home app to your smart device. 
  • Open the app on your smart device that you wish to see on your television screen. 
  • In the app, find and select the option to CAST. 
  • Your device will prompt you to select the name of your TV. 
  • The CAST option should then change color and you will be able to see the app on your television screen. 

Again, this will only work as a split screen option if the app you are using provides the feature. 

How to Use AirPlay on Element TV

AirPlay is Apple’s equivalent of Chromecast, which means you can use it to mirror your Apple device’s screen onto your television screen. 

Not all Element TVs are compatible with AirPlay, but it is quite easy to find out if your particular model is. Just go to SETTINGS on your TV and look for the option for AirPlay. If you do not see it listed, your television does not have AirPlay capabilities. 

If it does, simply select the option to turn it on, then turn to your Apple device and do the same. 

Let’s Recap

Element TVs do not offer a PIP or picture in picture option. However, as you now know, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy a split screen on the television! All you need to do is screen mirror, cast with Chromecast, or connect via AirPlay in order to watch two programs on your one TV screen. 

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