Can You Use Tile Mate to Track a Person?

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Can you really trust your spouse? What about your kids? From time to time we all have our suspicions of those around us. We want answers to our burning questions that would help us sleep better at night. What better way to do that than a tracker to be able to reach places we can’t be?

You cannot use a Tile Mate to track a person. The Tile Mate has a short range in comparison to how far a person could travel even if it is by foot. By the time a person reached 200 to 400 feet of distance, you would not be able to locate them as they’d be out of Tile’s bluetooth range.

Most of us want to be good parents. What better way to show that than to protect them? If you want to keep tabs on your kiddo then getting a tracker device isn’t such a bad idea. If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, then it is a great option to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. In this article, you’ll learn whether or not you can really track a person.

Why You Might Use Tile Mate to Track People

There are lots of reasons you might want to use a Tile Mate to track a person. In theory, you could want to use Tile Mate to track:

  • A child
  • A spouse
  • An elderly parent

When Suspicions Arise

If you are suspicious of someone such as a cheating partner or dishonest child tracking their whereabouts is probably the first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to discretion than the tile itself is a no-brainer. After all the device is small and portable. The problem is that it is difficult to track the person while they are moving if they are out of range.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

Wouldn’t it feel good knowing that your child is safe on their way home after school or activities?

Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing that your aging parent isn’t in harm’s way wondering around? In these circumstances, you may not care much about discretion, only safety.

When Using a Tile Mate can Work for You

Even though you can’t use a Tile Mate to track people when they’re far away from you, there are some ways you can track people with a Tile Mate. As a general rule, if you’re going to going to be relatively close to someone, you can track them. Some times you might be able to track a person with your Tile Mate include:

When in Range

When you have an idea where the person you are tracking frequents then a Tile Mate can work for you! Since the device only has a 200 ft range you would have to be in the general area for you to be able to pick up the tracking system. This will not work if you are trying to find an elderly person who has walked off far beyond the 200 ft. If there is a history of revisiting the same place then yes, it would work.

What is Closer?

When you boil down to it you want to ask yourself a couple of questions. The first one being, do you need the Tile to be still while you move into range. For example, you know where a person will be at a particular location, and you need to find their car. The second one being do you need them to be moving toward you while you are still.

Better Options are Out There

When using the Tile Mate, it is best that you track objects that sit still. This object will be in the general area that you are in such as your house or property. A general area could also mean the last known place you had known your item to be. This is not a great option to track people that are further out than your general area. There are better options out there for you.

Other Options

There are ways to spy on a person where the range is based on GPS tracking. When using this you can be discrete, and their range is infinite. When safety is your goal there are software programs you can install in someone’s device, so you know where they are at all times.

There are also wearable trackers to keep tabs on the aging parents so you know they are safe and sound. These trackers range in functionality so you can find what is right for you. Let us have a look at the most popular.

  • Spytec GPS
  • Tracki
  • Lumitrac
  • Jiobit

These are some of the best trackers found on Amazon. They range in price points and levels of portability. They are all Bluetooth and GPS enabled. Some can be worn while others are placed in a vehicle or other places that move with the person such as a purse.

Virtual Whereabouts

If you’re looking to track someone, you might have better luck asking them to install an app on their phone. You can even buy smart watches and other devices for kids who are too young for cell phones. If it’s a partner you’re concerned about, communication is key.


If you are looking to track a person effortlessly then getting a Tile Mate is not a good option. Other products and software installations would be suited for this type of tracking. Tile Mate is best used to track items within a 200 ft range.

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