Can You Use A Samsung Soundbar With An Insignia TV?

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When it comes to popular tech devices, it used to be almost impossible to own a variety of products from different brands as they were not compatible with each other. Luckily, technology has come a long way, and companies have realized that to increase their profits, they should ensure that their devices can function properly with as many other brands as possible. So you may be wondering: can you use a Samsung Soundbar with an Insignia TV?

You can use a Samsung Soundbar with an Insignia TV. While there are several options when it comes to connecting the two devices, they are all quite simple, so you can enjoy your Insignia TV with top-notch sound in just minutes. 

To learn how to connect the Samsung Soundbar with an Insignia TV, keep reading! We are going to step through the various options to ensure that you can get the most out of your devices as soon as possible, as well as why the Samsung Soundbar might be the perfect addition to your Insignia TV!

Why Would You Want a Samsung Soundbar for an Insignia TV?

Before we learn how to connect a Samsung Soundbar with an Insignia TV, it is important to understand what the pairing of these devices can do for your home entertainment system!

Here’s the bottom line: while Insignia TVs are a great budget-friendly option, their internal speakers are not that impressive. You will, of course, be able to hear your television just fine, but they don’t produce sound as a proper speaker would. 

Luckily, this is where the Samsung Soundbar comes in. Gone are the days of giant speakers, troublesome wires, and the necessity for a big home speaker system installation process. Instead, small and stylish soundbars are producing surround sound quality! Within this widespread selection, the Samsung Soundbar is exceptionally popular. Users love it for its spectacular sound as well as its simple connection options. 

Now that you know why you should use these two appliances in conjunction, you will of course want to learn how to actually connect them!

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Insignia TV

There are several ways to connect your Samsung Soundbar to your Insignia TV. Because each of them is quite simple, you can just choose the option that works best for you!

  • Connect via an HDMI cord. 
  • Connect via an Optical cable. 
  • Connect via Bluetooth. 

You can either read each and every option to find out which is right for you, or you can skip ahead to the connection you would like to use. 

Connect Samsung Soundbar to Insignia TV via HDMI

Arguably, the easiest way to connect your Samsung Soundbar to your Insignia TV is through an HDMI cable. Although all the tactics are fairly similar, most of us have an HDMI cable laying around the house. If you don’t, they are available on Amazon!

Once you have your cable ready, simply plug it into the HDMI port on the soundbar and again into the back of the television. Then you will need to change the audio output source on the TV to HDMI.

NOTE: Most Insignia TVs have several HDMI ports and they are all numbered, so be sure that the output source you choose matches the number of the port, otherwise, your Samsung Soundbar will not play your audio!

Connect Samsung Soundbar to Insignia TV via Optical Cable

Another simple way to connect your Samsung Soundbar to Insignia TV is with an optical cable. Optical cables are less common household items, but are equally cheap and of course, available on Amazon if you need one!

Some users argue that the optical cable connection does not offer as clear a sound as the HDMI option, but realistically it should do the trick! 

Connect Samsung Soundbar to Insignia TV is Bluetooth

Many people have reported that Bluetooth is their favorite way to connect their soundbar to their television because it does not require any additional wiring! 

If you have used Bluetooth before, you know that it can be quite simple, as long as your devices are connected to the same wireless network and are not connected to any other devices. 

In order to use Bluetooth to enjoy your Samsung Soundbar, just follow the instructions below: 

  • Select the PAIR option on the Samsung Soundbar remote. 
  • The display will show BT when the Bluetooth option is turned on. 
  • Use your TV remote to select SOURCE, then CONNECTION GUIDE.
  • Click AUDIO DEVICE, and then select BLUETOOTH.

Your Samsung Soundbar should appear on the list of pairable devices, and all you need to do is click it to connect the two!

Remember that this connection will only work if both devices are connected to the same WiFi! 

Final Thoughts

So can you use a Samsung Soundbar with an Insignia TV? Absolutely! In fact, they are a great pair, and now you know the many ways in which you can connect them to start enjoying your home entertainment system asap!

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