Can You Use a Mouse with a Kindle Fire HD 10?

kindle fire hd 10kindle fire hd 10

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The Kindle Fire HD 10 from Amazon is a very satisfying new model in the Amazon tablet market. Packed with improved specifications and features, this tablet also enables Bluetooth connection to external devices. If you have a Fire HD 10, the chances are that you are already using it with a wireless keyboard but can you also use a mouse with the Kindle Fire HD 10?

While you do not need an external mouse to navigate your tablet because of the touch screen features, the Kindle Fire HD 10 can be connected and operated with a mouse if you desire a more complete and natural experience.

Using a Bluetooth mouse with your Fire is relatively easy and convenient. You do not require any specific type of mouse to connect. Whether it is a battery or rechargeable mouse does not matter so long as it is a Bluetooth mouse, you can use it with your Fire HD 10. In this article, you’ll find out how to connect your Bluetooth mouse to the Fire and if you can decide to opt for a wired mouse instead.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Mouse to Your Fire HD 10

Connecting your mouse to the Fire HD 10 tablet via Bluetooth is quite a straightforward procedure. Kindly follow these few steps to set up yours:

  1. The first thing to do is to switch on your mouse. Every Bluetooth mouse has an on/off switch and a button to enable Bluetooth connection.
  2. Go to Settings on your Fire tablet once this is done and the mouse is ready to pair.
  3. Select Connected Devices.
  4. Click the one that says Pair New Devices.
  5. Long press the Connect button on your mouse for some seconds. Your mouse will show under the Available Devices on your Fire tablet.
  6. Click on it to connect, and you can now use your mouse on your tablet.

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Must it be Through Bluetooth?

While it is a more convenient option to use a Bluetooth mouse for your Fire HD 10 tablet, are you aware that you can also use a wired mouse or one that uses a USB receiver dongle? Unfortunately, you may not know this because the Fire tablet does not have a port for a USB cable. 

To use a wired mouse, you’ll have to buy an OTG cable. Popularly referred to as an OTG adapter or OTG connector, the full name is ‘On the Go’ cable, and it allows you to connect a USB cable to your Fire tablet by using your micro-USB or USB-C ports.

With this cable, you can quickly adapt and use a wired mouse or keyboard for your tablet. In addition, most OTG cables support both the micro-USB and USB-C ports, so you can keep an eye out for those if you use an older version of Amazon tablet but wish to upgrade in the future.

If you’re using a Fire HD 10, there is no need for an OTG cable that supports both ports. You can buy the USB-C to USB adapter instead because the most recent models of the Fire tablet, including your Fire HD 10, come with USB-C ports.

So it does not necessarily need to be a Bluetooth mouse before you can use a mouse with your tablet, and interestingly. Although, in contrast, you can use the Bluetooth feature to connect both your mouse and keyboard simultaneously, you can also use both a corded mouse and a corded keyboard if that’s what you prefer. 

You can do this by buying a USB splitter. 

Other Connectivity Options

You can use other convenient options to get the best out of web browsing, content consumption, and even managing your ‘smart home’ instead of buying an external mouse and keyboard.

Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

For some people who prefer everything to be in one place, why go for a mouse and a keyboard separately when buying a Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad. This is another device you can connect with your Fire tablet for an enjoyable experience. That is a more straightforward way of having both devices in one, especially if you’re the type that travels with your tablet.

Most of these keyboards are foldable and easy to carry around, so it speaks convenience and portability while providing you with the comfort of having both the keyboard and touchpad all in one.

Fire Case with Keyboard and Touchpad

This takes convenience a little further. You can get a multi-purpose case that comes with a detachable magnetic keyboard for your Fire tablet. This case not only protects your tablet in case of a fall, but it also has the keyboard and touchpad all in one. Bonkers right?

It comes with a built-in stand that holds your tablet up while the keyboard is still in the case. You can also decide to detach your keyboard from the case whenever you want to. 

The Fire Case has right and left clicks on the touchpad and is rechargeable for about 100 hours. This device is super convenient.


Using a mouse to operate and navigate your tablet is more convenient than always relying on the screen for everything. The Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet supports both Bluetooth and wired mouse connections on the device.

You can connect your mouse and other devices like the keyboard through Bluetooth or via USB following the simple steps above.

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