Can You Reset A Tile Mate (Deactivating)?

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The Tile Mate is absolutely one of the best Bluetooth tracking devices available today. Activating a new Mate and connecting it to your smartphone through the Tile app couldn’t be easier. However, you have purchased a second-hand Tile Mate, or what you believed to be a new product, but it has already been activated, you are probably wondering: can you reset, or deactivate, a Tile Mate?

The Tile Mate cannot be reset. If your newly purchased Mate has already been activated, it will be impossible for you to activate and will produce the message “previously activated” when you attempt to do so. Because you cannot deactivate it, the only option, if the gadget has already been activated by another owner or user, is to transfer the device from their account to yours. Don’t Deactivate, Transfer

If you purchased your Tile Mate from a friend or family member, this is a fairly easy problem to fix. If you bought the device from a third party and do not feel comfortable sharing your personal information, you can request that they transfer the activated device to your account through the Tile Support Team. But don’t worry! As with most Tile issues, the solution is simple and we are going to discuss just how to transfer a used Tile Mate to work with your account. 

How Do I Transfer A Tile Mate?

Buying a used Tile Mate means that the previous owner will have to transfer the device from their account to yours, but it’s only a five-step process that takes less than a few minutes. 

  • The first step is to ensure you have downloaded the Tile app onto your phone and created an account.
  • From there, have the original owner open their Tile app and select the Tile desired for transfer.
  • Select MORE OPTIONS, then under ACTIONS, click TRANSFER TILE.
  • Enter the new (your) Tile account email. 
  • The message “Transfer Is Complete” will appear and you are good to go!

The Tile will no longer be connected to the previous account; it will only be attached to yours. So the fact that you cannot deactivate a Tile Mate really isn’t such a problem! Transfer Your Tile Mate

Once again, if you need to transfer the device from an unknown previous owner, simply ask them to reach out to the Tile Support Team and you can keep your account information private. 

How Can I Reactivate My Tile Mate?

If you have completed the above steps but your Tile Mate is having trouble activating, there are a few ways to resolve this issue. 

Tile recommends that you first assess if your device and app are up to date. Make sure to run any updates on both before proceeding to troubleshoot options.

From there, you can try to initiate activation by holding down the Tile button for one second, it should play a little tune and automatically connect. 

If it still does not work, Tile has one last option to try before you will need to contact their support team:

  • Turn your smartphone off, leave it off for 2 minutes before turning it back on.
  • Open the Tile app and leave it open for another 2 minutes. 
  • Try again to press the Tile button for 1 second.
  • From here, your Tile should play a short tune and be activated and ready. 

Tile prides itself on its production of extremely user-friendly devices. These few easy tactics will most likely fix your reactivation problem in a matter of minutes

Can I Reset My Tile Mate to Factory Settings?

Unfortunately, there is no way to reset your Tile Mate to the factory settings. When a Tile Mate is first activated, it pairs with the Tile app account on your smartphone and there is no way to deactivate it. 

If you do not want your Tile Mate connected to your phone anymore, the only way to do so is to delete the app on your smartphone. However, if you ever open the app again, the Tile Mate will be ready to connect. Essentially, it does not forget easily.

As we have learned, the only other way to disconnect your Tile Mate from your phone is to transfer the activation to another Tile account.


For all of the Tile’s amazing technological features, it does not have the capability to deactivate or reset. However, the constant activation is transferable between accounts.

That means you can sell, trade, or gift your old Tile Mate and know that the next user will be able to use the device. As well, because all of the settings are run from the account on your app, none of your previous settings will transfer with the activation. It will be as though the new owner has a brand new Tile that they can customize to find all of their losable items without any problems!

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