Can You Put A SIM Card In The Fire 7 Amazon Tablet?


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The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is the best-selling Fire tablet that Amazon has made. The Fire 7 tablet is the lowest tier of Fire tablet that Amazon makes, except for the Fire 6, which was made for a short time in 2014. As such, the device is very affordable. But with that affordability comes some sacrifices. 

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet does not have a SIM card slot. It is a WiFi-only tablet and does not have access to cell service. You must have an active WiFi network or a mobile hotspot to get on the internet.

Even though some sacrifices have been made for any but the most prolific tablet power user, the Amazon Fire 7 tablet is a great portable device. It is especially great for kids. It is also a great price, with the 2022 model’s MSRP at $59.99. While not necessarily cheap, the Fire 7 is much cheaper to replace if it gets destroyed in a backseat accident than an iPad Air.

How to Connect Fire 7 to WiFi

Since you don’t have access to cell service or a SIM card, you will have to be using WiFi if you want to get on the internet. Luckily, connecting your Amazon Fire 7 tablet to the WiFi is super simple. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be online in no time:

  1. Open the Settings Menu
  2. Set WiFi Mode toggle to the On position
  3. Select the WiFi network in the list you want to connect to.
  4. Select your network and, if necessary, enter a password 
  5. Select Connect

If you are allowed to access the network you are trying to connect to, you should now see the symbol in the top bar showing that you are currently connected to WiFi and should have access to the internet.

You can also do many things without WiFi on the Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

Great for Users 

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet isn’t going to size up to the processing or graphical power of an Apple iPad, but it will also not hit the wallet as hard as well. One of the main benefits of the Fire 7 is a fully capable mobile-platform tablet for a pittance compared to the price of its big brother competitors. There is a reason it is the best-selling Fire tablet.

The Fire 7 makes for an excellent e-reader for parents or grandparents. Access to Amazon’s Appstore and vast Kindle library pleasurable reading on the device. You can even access over a million titles for a monthly subscription through Amazon Unlimited. Currently priced at $9.99 per month, you would have access to an astronomical amount of books.

Great for Kids

Even though the Fire 7 may lack the processing power of an iPad, that doesn’t mean that your kids won’t enjoy it. The Fire 7 is also available in a kid-specific version. It comes encased in a kid-proof case to protect it from even the most rambunctious little one. The Fire 7 Kids tablet is available in pink, purple, and blue.

Included with the Fire 7 Kids tablet is a year of Amazon Kids+. Amazon Kids+ is a monthly subscription that gives kids access to games, apps, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content from PBS Kids to Disney. The best part is it is only $4.99 per month, and you can be safe in knowing that all of the content is curated for kids and kid-friendly.

Amazon Kids+ also boasts a large library of Spanish language apps, games, videos, and audiobooks. The Fire 7 Kids has all the features of the standard version of the Fire 7 tablet, including expandable storage. 

The best feature of the Fire 7 Kids tablet is that Amazon has such faith in their kid-proof case that if your child manages to break it within the first two years of purchase, they will replace it for free under warranty! You can’t beat a deal like that!

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Features

The Amazon Fire 7 tablet was first released in 2017, but its affordable price quickly became Amazon’s most popular model of Fire tablet. Since it is so affordable and popular, they are still being made and updated yearly, with the current 2022 model being the 12th generation Fire tablet available. 

  • It is available in black, denim, and rose colors.
  • 7-inch screen capable of 1024 x 600 resolution.
  • 64-bit quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM
  • Only weighs 9.9 ounces – a little over half a pound
  • 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Capable of charging the battery from a dead 0% to a full 100% in just 4 hours.

The Amazon Fire 7 is also available in 16 GB for $59.99 and a 32 GB version for $79.99 (for the Lockscreen Ad version). It has a microSD port available for expanding the storage. Currently, a SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC UHS-1 is available on Amazon and is the largest capacity microSD available at one terabyte.


Whether looking for a device for personal use or just a simple device for a loved one, the Fire 7 makes for a great budget tablet. It may not have the power of the big boys on the block, but what it lacks in power, it more than makes up for in price.

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