Can the Fire TV Cube Be Jailbroken?

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Jailbreaking is the process of removing restrictions in iOS which allow the device to run unsigned code. While the term originated from iOS devices, it has become synonymous with modifying any device in any way that is not officially supported. Since the Fire TV Cube runs on Android, many users wonder if it’s possible to jailbreak this device.

You can get results from “jailbreaking” the Fire TV Cube. However, the process isn’t what you expect. “Jailbreaking” a Fire TV Cube is entirely different to hacking iOS devices and is much easier.

If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to jailbreak the Fire TV Cube, then you’re probably thinking of iOS devices. However, the method used in Android is different and much more straightforward. We look at the entire process in this article.

Can You Jailbreak the Fire TV Cube?

The term “jailbreaking” is often used to refer to hacking processes. However, when it comes to Fire TV Cue, there’s no hacking involved. Android has made it relatively easy to install applications outside Google’s allowed software. In the case of the Fire TV Cube, which also runs on an Android OS, you’ll also have an easy time installing apps from third parties because Amazon doesn’t have strict restrictions either.

All you have to do is change one setting on the device, and you can add any applications you wish. Therefore, “jailbreaking” isn’t exactly the term to use for this process. With the Fire TV Cube, the process is known as sideloading.

However, just because Android and Amazon have made it easy to use third-party applications and software doesn’t mean you should do it. The internet is a dangerous place, and you can’t trust everything that is out there.

Only use apps from the Amazon App Store or trusted third party sources to ensure your Fire TV Cube has a safe operating system with no viruses, malware, spyware, etc. Installing software on any device makes it more vulnerable, so be careful what you install.

What is Jailbreaking?

To understand the difference between jailbreaking a Fire TV Cube and an iOS device, you must understand what “jailbreaking” is.

As we’ve mentioned, jailbreaking is a term that originated with the iPhone when hackers would try to find vulnerabilities in iOS that allowed them access beyond Apple’s restrictions. They found these security flaws, meaning they could modify the phone with different software not approved by Apple or installed from external sources.

The iPhone had strict controls over what applications users could install on their devices and where they came from, so having a way around this allowed users to install what they wanted when they wanted.

The idea of jailbreaking is now used for other devices, including Android devices like the Fire TV Cube. However, the process is entirely different.

How to Sideload Applications on the Fire TV Cube

If you’re sure you want to sideload apps on your Fire TV Cube, the process is relatively easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings” on your Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Navigate to the right and select “Device.”
  • Choose “Developer Options” if it isn’t already checked.
  • Select “Apps from Unknown Sources”
  • Click “Turn On”
  • Download and install the application

You can use a web browser to locate, download, and install the app you’re interested in since you won’t find these applications on Amazon’s App Store. However, ensure the source is reliable and the app is compatible with Fire TV Cube.

Considerations Before Sideloading the Fire TV Cube

There are a few things to consider before sideloading apps on Fire TV Cube.

For starters, keep in mind that a developer can create an app that might not work well with the Amazon Fire TV Cube or other hardware limitations of your device. In this way, you may experience sluggishness and crashes, which could cause problems if they occur frequently enough. 

Also, as we’ve mentioned, you should be aware of the online safety issues attached to sideloading apps, like malware or spyware. An app may seem perfectly safe from the description on a website, but it could be hiding something you don’t want to install.

Lastly, consider legal issues that might arise due to sideloading, like copyright infringement. For example, if you download an app that is someone else’s intellectual property and you install it on your device without permission, there could be legal repercussions down the line.

Wrapping Up

If you were wondering if it’s possible to jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV Cube, the answer is yes. However, the term used is “sideloading”, and the process is relatively more straightforward than jailbreaking iOS devices. 

However, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s something you should do. Sideloading the Fire TV Cube presents several risks, including the possibility of bricking your device and putting yourself at risk.

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