Can the Amazon Smart Thermostat Have Multiple Users?

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You want to save money on energy costs and keep your home comfortable, so you’re considering the Amazon Smart Thermostat. This thermostat detects whether you’re home or away and adjusts your home’s climate accordingly. But, if you live with other people, you may be wondering if it’s possible to have multiple users on the Amazon Smart Thermostat.

Generally, you cannot add multiple users to your Amazon Smart Thermostat because only one person can adjust the temperature through the Alexa app. However, you can use the Hunches feature on the app if you have multiple people living with you.

You want a smart thermostat that can easily and efficiently control the temperature in your home. Keep reading to learn more about using the Amazon Smart Thermostat with multiple people.

How to Use Hunches with Your Amazon Smart Thermostat

Alexa Hunches are AI-driven decisions that track your daily habits and allow Alexa (available for both Android and iPhone) to perform practical tasks. If you enable Hunches, Alexa will rely on your past routine and learn when to activate or deactivate your thermostat.

The Hunch feature uses your phone’s location to make decisions. When you set your preferred temperature settings for Home, Away, or Sleep mode, Alexa will use your phone’s location to adjust the climate accordingly. The Hunches feature sets the temperature for you and allows you to add settings for additional users. You can override Hunch settings with Alexa voice commands.

Enabling Hunches to Control the Amazon Smart Thermostat

The Hunches feature is on by default, and Alexa will occasionally ask you to enable a Hunch. You can also manually set the Hunches you want to use and allow Alexa to make automatic adjustments.

Here’s how to enable Hunches on the Alexa app to manage your home’s temperature:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • Tap Devices, select Thermostat, then click on your smart thermostat.
  • Select Hunches and enable Automatic Actions.
  • Finally, set the temperatures for Home, Away, and Sleep modes.

Switching to Automatic Actions lets Alexa take the wheel and make adjustments for you when she has a “hunch” that you’re home or away. However, if you don’t like the idea of Alexa controlling your home’s temperature, you can always use the thermostat’s standard scheduling option.

Can You Use Multiple Thermostats in a Single Household?

Having more than one thermostat isn’t always necessary, but you may want to install one on each floor. Wiring multiple thermostats to your HVAC makes it easier to condition your home evenly. Before purchasing an Amazon Smart Thermostat, find out exactly how many thermostats your home needs.

It is possible to install multiple Amazon Smart Thermostats in your house. Having more than one thermostat ensures your home is evenly conditioned at all times. However, the Amazon Smart Thermostat doesn’t have temperature or proximity-based temperature activation sensors.

Installing multiple thermostats allows for more accuracy and efficiency. But, before you purchase your second Amazon Smart Thermostat, keep the following points in mind.

Determine the Number of Thermostats You Need

Thermostats are small devices. In some cases, you may need more than one thermostat to heat or cool your home properly. Consider the factors below before you install a second Amazon Smart Thermostat:

  • Home type: What type of home do you live in? Some homes need different levels of energy to regulate the temperature. For instance, a two-story house will need more energy to regulate temperature than a one-story home.
  • Stories: If your home has multiple stories, you will need more than one smart thermostat. But, one smart thermostat may be enough if you reside in a single-story building.
  • Zones: Before installing a second thermostat, consider the number of rooms and zones in your house. If your home has many different rooms, you will probably need more than one thermostat to regulate the temperature.

In short, large homes may need more than one thermostat. Consider the above factors, then determine if you want to connect multiple thermostats to your HVAC unit.

Multi-Zone Amazon Smart Thermostats Require More Work

While you can install multiple thermostats for different areas, it may be challenging to set them up separately. You can try and switch the upstairs thermostat to rely on schedules, then use the Hunches feature for the downstairs thermostat. However, this may be tricky if you’re using more than two thermostats.

Another drawback of installing multiple Amazon Smart Thermostats is that they aren’t fitted with temperature or proximity-based temperature activation sensors. Although you can set Alexa Routines to use the temperature sensors in Echo Speakers or other third-party temperature or motion sensors, the integrations can be complicated.

The Bottom Line

The Amazon Smart Thermostat cannot have multiple users. The only workaround for that is to have multiple thermostats in different zones. But even then, it’s not so simple. Ultimately, if you’re looking to have more than two thermostats controlled by separate users in your home, it’s best to search for another brand.

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