Can I Use Blink as a Baby Monitor?

Baby boy smiling while sitting on floorBaby boy smiling while sitting on floor

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Being able to use your Blink camera to keep an eye on your infant can help put your mind at ease. Using a security camera as a baby monitor is just as good of an option as a standard baby monitor.

Can I use a Blink as a baby monitor? Blink cameras can be used as a baby monitor. Blink’s security camera lineup consists of:

  • Blink XT2
  • Blink Indoor
  • Blink Mini

Having a Blink camera in place of a baby monitor allows you to check on your children at any moment, whether you are home or not. You just have to learn about which camera is a great fit for your needs.

Blink cameras are small enough to put anywhere that will not disrupt the flow of your home. Now, there are features that come with standard baby monitors that a security camera will not have. Those missing features will include:

  • Growth and Development Tracker
  • Lullabies
  • Night Light

However, if these features do not matter to you than you are all set to choose which Blink camera is best. Blink cameras are capable of being used with Amazon’s Alexa. You can use Alexa to arm Another plus for Blink cameras, is that the cloud requires no subscription fees.

The Blink camera options are:

  1. Blink XT2
  2. Blink Indoor
  3. Blink Mini
Blink XT2 camera

The Blink XT2 camera is capable of being used outdoor and indoor if needed. The battery life on this security camera boasts a 2-year lifespan with the use of two AA batteries. There are no wires, as it can be mounted anywhere, and you do not need any tools to assemble your camera.

When it comes to watching your children, you can enable two-way audio through the Blink app. On your Blink app, you can open up the live view to check on them in 1080p. You can also record any footage you find worth recording.

When it comes to the free cloud storage, all videos are kept there up to a year. Any videos that have been recorded will come to the cloud automatically for you to review later.

Blink Indoor security camera

This Blink security camera should only be used indoors. Just like the Blink XT2, Blink Indoor has no wires and can be mounted anywhere. Blink Indoor has a 2-year battery life with the help of two AA batteries.

There is a motion detector sensor alarm that is built-in the Indoor camera. Once you arm this camera, any motion that is detected will trigger the recording feature for 60 seconds but will pause after the first 10 seconds for another movement. The videos are in 720p HD format.

Blink Mini camera

The Blink Mini is the newest addition to the Blink security camera lineup. Blink Mini shoots in 1080p and is strictly used indoor. As with the Blink XT2, you can customize motion detection zones to capture areas that only matter to you.

This security camera must be plugged into an outlet and connected to wi-fi. Once that happens, you can now add your Blink Mini to the Blink app.

Even though this is a mini security camera, you will still receive the same benefits as the Blink XT2 and Blink Indoor. Those features include:

  • Live View
  • Video Recording
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Blink app Alerts
  • Night Vision
  • Alexa Compatibility

One downside of the Blink Mini is that the free cloud storage is free until December 31, 2020. Local storage is coming soon to the Blink Mini. You will have to purchase the Blink Sync Module 2 to record and store videos. You will also need a USB flash drive to transfer videos that you want to keep.

When you move to position your Blink security camera on your child, there are some places you will want to try.

Camera Position Tips

The Blink camera mounts for the XT2 and Indoor models can be tilted. Positioning your Blink security camera in the right place depends on what you expect.

  • Is your infant crawling out of their crib? Place your Blink camera on any wall facing the crib.
  • Do you want to just monitor the crib itself? You can place the camera on the wall that touches the crib and tilt the camera down.
  • Are you trying to get a feel of the entire nursery? Place any of the Blink cameras in a corner, that gets you the best view of the room. It is recommended that you have it face the door to see all who enters it.

Be sure not to place the camera inside the crib or have it hanging off the rails. Your child could get ahold of the camera and damage it.

Should you mount the camera anywhere in the room, be sure to mount it high as you get a better view of the entire room. If you choose the Blink Mini be sure to plug it into a childproof electrical socket.

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