Can I Make My Ring Doorbell Record Longer?

Ring doorbell recording a videoRing doorbell recording a video

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Individuals and families alike have discovered the many benefits of adding smart home technology to their homes. Products like video doorbells open up a bunch of possibilities to connect with and protect your home from intruders. However, not every device is perfect.

Ring allows you to select recording lengths of:

50 seconds
60 seconds
90 seconds
120 seconds

If you are hoping to record longer clips, you are out of luck. But let’s be real, recording for 2 minutes after motions is detected is pretty good.

How to Change Recording Length

  1. Open the Ring app
  2. Select the device settings icon for the camera you want to change the recording length
  3. Select “Device Settings” from the list of camera controls
  4. Select “Video Settings”
  5. Select “Recording Length”

You can choose auto if you want the clips to vary based on the motion or choose the exact length you want c;ips to be after sensing motion.

Using the Ring’s Live Feed

You can, of course, always access the Ring Doorbell’s Live View. In the Ring app, you can check on your property 24/7. However, this is still a downside because full-time Live Feed viewing can drain the battery on both your device and your smartphone.

Also, in order to secure your home, there’s no way to know the exact moment to tune in to your Live View in order to check for intruders.

Saving and Reviewing Your Videos with the Ring Protect Plan

When you do record videos on your Ring Doorbell, you can save them up to 60 days when you purchase one of their subscription plans:

  • Basic Plan: With this plan, you can save,
    review, and share your videos any time from anywhere. There is a monthly or
    annual base price, plus an additional fee for each extra device.
  • Protect plan: This plan includes all the
    features of the Basic plan, but it allows you to connect an unlimited number of
    cameras. It also comes with a lifetime product warranty and discounts on the
    purchase of other devices in the future.
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