Apple to debut classical music service on March 28th

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Apple has announced the introduction of a new app specializing entirely in classical music. Dubbed Apple Music Classical, the new service will be available free to existing Apple Music customers, and is planned to offer over five million unique tracks at launch.

The company says that Apple Music Classical will feature a “fully optimized search” dedicated to classical music, giving users better controls than conventional services which feature all genres, including searches by composer, conductor, work, and catalog number.

The press release also promises curated playlists, lossless audio, spatial audio, and bonus content such as composer biographies.

Apple had previously committed to launching a classical music service after the company’s buyout of classical music streamer Primephonic in 2021, which resulted in that service shutting down a week later.

Apple Music Classical will be available for iPhones on March 28th. An Android version is “coming soon” according to the company.

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