Amazon Smart Thermostat Yellow Exclamation Point – What It Means

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The Amazon Smart Thermostat is a great gadget to add to your smart home collection. Using this device is quite easy, from installation to daily functions, most consumers like the user-friendly programming. However, in order to fully understand how this little device works, you need to know what the icons mean. So you may be wondering: what does the yellow exclamation point mean on the Amazon Smart Thermostat?

On the display of your Amazon Smart Thermostat, if you see the yellow exclamation point on the left side of the temperature display, it means that your thermostat has a notification for you. You can find this notification in the Smart Thermostat section of your Alexa app. 

To learn a little more about the Amazon Smart Thermostat, including what the several yellow exclamation point icon means, as well as how to use the Alexa app to get the most out of the device, keep reading! We have everything you need to know about your Amazon Smart Thermostat!

What Does the Yellow Exclamation Point Mean on an Amazon Smart Thermostat?

The Amazon Smart Thermostat can, of course, regulate the temperature of your home, but it also comes with other exciting features including on-the-go controllability, eco-mode, and even it even has “hunches” which can guess what you may want your temperature to be set at and do it automatically. 

However, all of these exciting features are essentially useless if you don’t know how to use the device! So let’s find out exactly what this small yellow exclamation point means if it appears on the screen of your Amazon Smart Thermostat. 

The yellow exclamation point means that you have a notification waiting for you on the app. This notification can be anything from a required update of the app itself to alert of your energy usage. Essentially, it’s your Smart Thermostat telling you that it wants to tell you something about your system!

What Could Trigger a Yellow Exclamation Point?

It’s important to understand the yellow exclamation point is not necessarily a warning or a bad sign. Although it seems alarming, it is just trying to tell you that you have a notification waiting for you! And as you now know, it could mean many things including the fact that your system is running extremely efficiently today!

Is There a Way to Disable the Yellow Exclamation Point?

The only way to disable the yellow exclamation point, i.e. get the icon removed from the display, is to open the Alexa app on your phone and check your notifications.

However, if you would like the yellow exclamation point to never appear, you need to disable the notifications.

To do so, simply follow the instructions below: 

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Select MORE.
  • Click on SETTINGS.
  • Select the Smart Thermostat. 
  • Click the toggle to OFF. 

This also means that the Alexa app will not send through notifications on your phone for the device, so it’s important to only turn them off if you plan on checking your app consistently in case any problems arise. 

How to Use the Alexa App to Control the Amazon Smart Thermostat

When it comes to smart home devices like the Amazon Smart Thermostat, arguably the most convenient feature is that you can control them with your smartphone via an app. Amazon products all use the Alexa app, so if you have several of their devices, they will all be conveniently located in one place!

When you open your Alexa app, each of your devices, including the Smart Thermostat, will be listed so you can easily choose the one you are looking to work with and find the settings, notifications, personal preferences, and more right there on your phone. 

Remember, if you see the little yellow exclamation point appear on the display of your Amazon Smart Thermostat, it means that a notification is waiting for you in the app. This could be anything from a system update becoming available to a “hunch” suggestion, but it’s always good to check in case it’s something important. 

Within the app, you will be able to set the temperature for your home, check your energy usage, and of course, set all of your personal preferences from anywhere! So whether you’re in the car on the way home or you are leaving home for a few days, you can always adjust your thermostat. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to smart home devices, they are becoming easier and easier to use! You no longer have to be a tech genius to use some seriously high-tech machines. The Amazon Smart Thermostat is no different, in fact, most users have reported that it is incredibly easy to use and love the on-the-go controls throughout the Alexa app as well as the simple and clear display. 

Now you know not only how to use the many features this device provides, but also how to read the display itself through understanding the various icons on display.

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