7 Best Ways To Fix Slow Upload Speed On Spectrum

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Your Spectrum internet has been running smoothly and then all of sudden, the upload speed has become slow. You wonder why your internet is running this way. Well there are many ways you can fix this at home.

There are simple ways to complete this process, like restarting everything, or you can go with something a little more complicated. Here are the best ways to help you increase the upload speed on your Spectrum internet.

Try Restarting Your Router

One of the easiest things you can do is restart your router. This can help reset the upload speed or finish any installations that need your router to be restarted to complete. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.

Try not to turn back on your router too soon. You will want to wait about 10 seconds before you turn it back on. You can even unplug it for more of a dramatic effect but just turning the power button off and then back on should do it.

You can also try resetting your router to default settings. Sometimes updates change the settings on your router and it can cause your upload speeds to fluctuate. 

Close Any Programs Not In Use

Close any programs you are not using. Programs that are open and running can bog down your upload speed. You would be surprised at how slow this can make your internet be. One program can make the difference.

Ensure that programs aren’t running in the background either. Some programs that aren’t open may still be running and this too can slow down your internet speed. You can limit this in the programs/app settings or in system settings on the device you are using.

Run A Spectrum Speed Test

You can run a Spectrum speed test. You just need to download the Spectrum application on your phone or you can log into your account on a web browser. Follow these steps to complete it:

There will be two numbers usually: one for the download speeds and the other for the upload speeds. Check with your account to see what upload speed your plan has to offer and then compare them to your results.

See If Anything Is Being Uploaded

If you are trying to upload something or your upload speed just seems to be running slower than usual, check to see if anything else is being uploaded. If you have too many things going at once, this will take its toll on your speed.

Cancel anything that is uploading that can be done later so that your internet will run faster. Pictures and videos being uploaded onto the internet could be a larger file than you think and it can bog down the speed.

Disconnect Devices

Sometimes your upload speeds may be affected by the amount of devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi. These devices are uploading information all the time when connected, unless they are completely turned off or disconnected.

Disconnect any devices that you are not using. This may help increase those upload speeds. You may even find the device that is causing all the issues. To narrow down the specific device, disable each device at a time and see if this changes the upload speed.

Check For A VPN Application

If you have a VPN application downloaded on any of your devices and it is running, this can cause a slow upload speed. The VPN settings can cause this decrease when enabled. It often comes with these types of applications.

You can go into the settings and disable this to see if this is the cause. If it is the cause, you may get rid of the application altogether. There are many other VPN applications out there you can use to replace the one you have now.

Call Spectrum For An Upgrade

If things don’t seem to improve after doing any of these, call Spectrum to see if you can get your router replaced, or even to see if you are allowed to do an upgrade. Your router needs to be replaced every few years, and you may need a new one.

Routers can become infected with viruses or the product will malfunction. This happens to even the best routers. You can easily swap a new one out with the old one. This could make the difference for your internet speeds.


Many of these solutions can be done at home. You don’t have to call anyone or replace anything. But if worse comes to worse, simply call Spectrum and let them know what is going on. They can run a diagnostics and see if they can help you with the upload speeds.

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