Xbox Original Power Button Doesn’t Work


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A common problem with owning an Xbox is the recurring challenge observed with the power button. Owning an Xbox is cool until the power button decides to stop working. Once a user gets to this point, it is easy to vent frustrations on the console when all you have to do to fix the challenge is to reset the power button. So what then is the easiest method of fixing the dysfunctional power button of an Xbox?

A dysfunctional Xbox with power button difficulties can be fixed by unplugging the Xbox from electricity and then draining the capacitance. That is done by pressing the power button hard to reset the device. It can also be solved by updating the device to reset the software. 

Fixing any Xbox when the fault can be traced to the power button is an easy task, even for anyone unfamiliar with how the buttons work. This article will answer all your questions concerning the functioning of an original Xbox, why the power button may be dysfunctional, and the easiest methods to fix a power button that does not work.

Easy Methods to Fix Your Xbox Original Power Button

Since there are two identified ways a faulty power button of an Xbox can develop, finding a solution to fix the power button of the Xbox will involve approaches targeted at the two primary problems. This involves solving if the controller is flawed or finding a solution when a problem with the internal software is involved.

Reset Your Xbox

This functions primarily as a troubleshooting method, as challenges with the device’s software can be resolved by resetting the Xbox. It works by draining the capacitance of connected capacitors, dealing with any software defect.

To reset the Xbox:

  1. Press the power button down firmly as the device is turned on until the LED lights flash nonstop. 
  2. Allow the device to rest for a few minutes
  3. Turn on the device using the power button. 

Turning on the device conventionally after carrying out the exercise should solve the problem if it has to do with the software. If it doesn’t, chances are the problem is with the controller.

Make Sure Your Controller Is Up to Date

A problem with the controller can be solved by replacing the controller and updating the Xbox controller drive to the latest version. Updating the controller can be done directly from the Xbox site by installing the latest update provided.

This is done by:

  1. Click on the update button shown on the screen.
  2. Strictly follow instructions written on the screen to complete the update process. 
  3. Once the process is completed, you can connect the controller via a USB cable.
  4. There should be a pop-up asking if the user wants to update connected devices.
  5.  If the pop-up doesn’t come up, you can manually update by navigating to system Settings
  6. Go to Devices
  7. Go to Device and accessories
  8. Click manually update connected controllers.

Controllers can also be updated using a PC, but this is less common as not all windows are compatible with the software.

Why Is My Xbox Original Power Button Not Working?

Additionally, it can be helpful to understand how the issues may arise. Different causes of a suddenly malfunctioning power button will most likely arise from several scenarios. For example, why would the power button of an original Xbox console stop working in the first place?

The cause of a malfunctioning power button will usually stem from one of these two causes. The primary cause is that they may be an underlying challenge with the device software, and the second stems from a faulty controller.

Problem With the Controller

In most cases where the power button of an Xbox suddenly malfunctions, the controller driver is responsible for the dysfunction.

An Xbox controller malfunctioning may be due to the following reasons:

  • The controller is not connected correctly to the console
  • The wrong controller is used
  • A flawed or incompatible controller driver may be the chief source of a faulty power button.

To solve this, the controller can be replaced with a better one, or the latest controller driver can be installed directly to resolve this issue of a defective controller or a controller driver.

Xbox Software Malfunction

After you have tried some simple troubleshooting with your Xbox controller and the power button seems to still not be working, this scenario indicates that the challenge is from the Xbox’s software, not the controller.

Many problems may lead to the internal malfunctioning of the software of the Xbox. This problem can be solved by simply troubleshooting the device or draining the capacitance capacitors before plugging in the console.


The problem involving the Xbox power button is a common problem that goes in hand with Xbox ownership. Sp, replacing the Xbox with another may not be the best, as similar faults may develop. However, solving the challenge can be done easily if the steps mentioned above are duly followed.

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