Why Your August Smart Lock Is Sticking: Quick Fix Guide

several august smart locksseveral august smart locks

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You have just purchased your August Smart Lock, but it seems to be sticking and not working. There are a few reasons as to why your August Smart Lock may be unresponsive.

Why your August Smart Lock is sticking? The following problems can be fixed easily yourself before you need the assistance of a locksmith. The August Smart Lock is either:

  • Jammed
  • Your deadbolt is preventing the smart lock from locking
  • Batteries are dead
  • The gears are not functioning

 To fix these problems there are a few steps you need to take to get your August Smart Lock working properly again.

Why Is Your August Smart Lock Sticking?

 There are many reasons as to why your August Smart Lock is getting sticky. It is recommended that once you open the back cover, take a photo before you touch any of the gears and wiring. The reasons your August Smart Lock is sticking include:

1. Accelerometer Needs Replacing

The accelerometer makes sure that the August Smart Lock rotates with the motor. You can help fix this part by:

  1. Taking the smart lock off of your door and turning it on its back.
  2. Undo the latches on both sides to remove the metal cover and use a Philips #0 screwdriver to take off the cover.
  3. Remove all of the gears from your smart lock.
  4. Remove the three silver screws next to the motor with the Philips #0 screwdriver.
  5. Disconnect the speaker and battery plug from the motherboard.
  6. After the speaker is disconnected, take off the back cover, and lift the motherboard and motor out.
  7. Find the accelerometer. It is connected to the motherboard by a ribbon.
  8. Raise the black tab to remove the ribbon from the motherboard. After the removal, you can now add everything back into the smart lock by following the orders in reverse.

2. Faulty Motherboard

Should the accelerometer not be the problem, then your motherboard is the next piece to look at. At this point, you should contact August or have it looked at by a professional.

3. Bluetooth Connection

Check to see if the Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet is turned on. Go into the August app to make sure that the Bluetooth feature is on and is connected to your smart lock.

4. Gears Are Broken

When the gears malfunction it can cause a problem with the rotation of the lock. Below are steps on how to fix it:

  1. Taking the smart lock off of your door and turning it on its back.
  2. Undo the latches on both sides to remove the metal cover and use a Philips #0 screwdriver to take off the cover.
  3. Take out the gears and replace them to get your smart lock working again.

5. Wi-fi Settings

Make sure that your smartphone or tablet is on the same wi-fi network as your August Smart Lock. If it is, turn your Wi-fi network on and off again to reconnect both devices. Search through the August app to make sure your smart lock has reconnected to the wi-fi as well.

6. Batteries Are Dead

The August Smart Lock requires 4 AA batteries to function properly. Push down on the front logo of the smart lock and remove the lid to replace them.

7. August Smart Lock Is Jammed

Your August Smart Lock could be jammed. Should this be the case you will notice that your August Smart Lock will still be able to control the deadbolt, but only in one direction. Whether it is unlocking or locking the door it does not go in the other direction.

When you try to adjust the lock, lookout for a clicking or grinding sound that is coming from inside the lock when you move it.  Here are some steps to fix this problem:

  1. When you are ready, visit your August Smart Lock and assess which direction it is struggling with. Are you able to unlock or lock it and does it make a noise when you try to go the opposite way?
  2. Test out the direction that it is struggling with by applying a small sense of pressure. You just want to see if you can help your smart lock move the deadbolt.
  3. If you or someone you know is capable of handling this task, you can begin by removing the smart lock from the door and taking off the backplate of the smart lock and resetting the gears.
  4. Now you can remove the gears and axles.
  5. Grab a can of compressed air to clean the smart lock’s body. By removing the built-up dust, you are removing any blockages that could be preventing its functionality.
  6. Return the gears to their correct placement with the photo you took. Next, test the lock to see if the parts are capable of moving in both directions without making a clicking or grinding noise.
  7. Once you have found that the smart lock runs smoothly you can bring together the rest of the smart lock and place it back on your door.
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