Why Is My Fitbit Not Tracking My Steps?

Two girls outside smiling looking down at the fitbit sense watch.Two girls outside smiling looking down at the fitbit sense watch.

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The Fitbit fitness tracker is designed to monitor many different types of daily activity, from tracking steps to monitoring the heart rate. But sometimes, you may find your Fitbit isn’t tracking your steps accurately or at all.

Your Fitbit may have problems tracking your steps if it is not syncing with the Fitbit app, if the Fitbit app is not syncing with Fitbit.com, or if the Fitbit software needs an update.

If you depend on your Fitbit daily, the following information will help you troubleshoot syncing problems and guide you through checking to see if your device needs an update.

Is Your Fitbit Synced Correctly?

If your Fitbit is not synced, it will not accurately report data. First, make sure your Fitbit is correctly set up in the app. For the Iconic and Versa, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to complete the setup. Once you have ensured that your tracker is set up correctly, check to make sure it is synced properly.

To reset your tracker’s syncing:

  1. Force stop your Fitbit app. This will stop all processes that the app is performing.
  2. Next, go to your phone’s settings, turn Bluetooth off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on. This will clear the Bluetooth signal from the tracker and allow it to reset.
  3. After you have turned Bluetooth back on, open your Fitbit app and see if the tracker is syncing. If the Fitbit still doesn’t sync, turn off your phone or iPad. This will close all processes running on the device and allow them to restart fresh.

The Fitbit app will usually sync automatically, but you can manually sync the devices if it does not:

  1. Open your Fitbit app.
  2. Tap your profile picture.
  3. Tap your device name.
  4. Tap “Sync Now.”

Make Sure Your Fitbit is Updated

If there is an update to your Fitbit software, it may also affect the tracker’s ability to report accurate information. Updated software allows the manufacturers to monitor for bugs in their programs and allow the tracker to have the most up-to-date operating software.

To check for an update to your Fitbit app:

  1. Open your Fitbit app and tap the “Today” tab.
  2. Tap your profile picture and then tap your device image.
  3. If there is an update available, the pink update button will appear.
  4. Tap the update button to update to the latest software.

To check for an update on the fitbit.com dashboard, first, make sure you have the latest version of Fitbit Connect:

  • Click on the Fitbit Connect icon (located near the date and time on your computer).
  • Open the main menu.
  • Click “Troubleshooting.”
  • Click “Check for Update” (located under the Fitbit connect number).

Once you have confirmed that you have the most up-to-date version of Fitbit Connect, go back to the main menu, and click “Check for Device Update.” If there is an update, the instructions will appear on your computer screen. Keep your device close to the computer while you are updating your tracker.

Tips to Get the Most Accurate Step Reading on Fitbit

To accurately measure your steps, the Fitbit should be worn on the non-dominant hand and have direct contact with your skin. If the Fitbit is worn over clothing, the Fitbit will not be able to record information accurately.

Enable the “Dominant Hand” setting if you prefer wearing your watch on your dominant hand; this setting will allow the tracker to provide more accurate results.

Final Thoughts

Using your Fitbit regularly can help track your fitness and practice healthy habits. Having a fitness tracker in your life has many benefits, and it is frustrating when it does not work as advertised. Make sure your device is synced and is running the most up-to-date software so that your device performs as well as it is supposed to.

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