How To Mount Ring Spotlight Cam On Vinyl Siding

The siding of a light blue house with brick accent.The siding of a light blue house with brick accent.

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Even if you are an expert on smart home tech, you can run into questions the manual provided doesn’t answer no matter how many times you flip through it. That’s the issue we ran into with the Ring Spotlight Cam, and we had to hunt for the solution. The question we ran into actually has a pretty simple answer, and we want to share it with you!

Luckily for us, we may not be experienced with a power drill, but we are pretty good with a search bar. We went digging and we found the best way to install the mount for our Spotlight Cam on siding, and we want to share it with you, along with a few ways that don’t involve a power drill! 

Mounting Your Ring Spotlight Cam Mount On Vinyl Siding

Don’t get us wrong, we’re pretty good at figuring out smart home tech, but we aren’t all that skilled with a power drill. So when we found out that mounting the Ring Spotlight Cam involved one, we were a little nervous. We went a bit past nervous when we found out there were specific instructions when it came to vinyl siding. 

  1. Select a location for your Spotlight Cam that is an optimal height of 9 feet and parallel to the ground. This will put the motion sensor at the position necessary to detect motion from objects within the average human height up to 30 feet from the cam.
  2. When mounting to a vertical wall, the circular protrusion where you mount the cam should be facing downward
  3. When mounting horizontally, the circular protrusion where you mount the cam should be facing the direction you wish the camera to monitor. 
  4. Mark all locations where you will need to place screws clearly prior to drilling by placing the mount flat to the surface to ensure proper placement. If you have a wired cam, mark the location the wiring will come through the mount as well.

Start the Drilling

To do this, you should:

  1. Inspect behind siding to verify whether the wall is masonry or wood. Also verify the thickness of the siding. This is to ensure you use the correct drill bit for this project. 
  2. Select a drill bit that is 1/16 inch bigger than the screws and one inch longer than the depth of your vinyl siding
    1. Please Note: When drilling into vinyl that is attached to brick, concrete or stucco walls, make sure to use a masonry bit!
  3. Use a power drill with the correct bit attached to carefully drill into siding, making sure to hold the drill straight and steady until you hit the boxing underneath
  4. Switch to a drill bit 1/16in to 1/8in in diameter smaller than the screw, then use drill to go no more than 1/2in into underlying material.  
  5. Repeat process for all marked holes, then attach your mount according to the instructions provided with your Ring Spotlight Cam

There it is, the best way we found to install the mount to your Ring Spotlight Cam on vinyl. But what if you don’t feel confident about handling a power drill, or don’t want to drill permanent holes into your siding? Don’t worry, we found some other options that don’t involve a drill! Read on for some other options for mounting your Ring Spotlight Cam!

Other Options For Mounting Your Spotlight Cam

While screw in mounts are the more secure option for installing your home’s security cameras, not everyone has that option. If you are renting your home or apartment, or you just don’t want to drill holes into your home, you have a variety of other options. 

You can purchase many different types of no-screw mounts instead of drilling into the wall, avoiding the need to drill into the siding and wall underneath. Unfortunately, Ring only offers a Gutter Mount option on their official site for mounting the Ring Spotlight Cam. 

However, there are many varieties of these no drill mounts that are sold on Amazon, as well as other hardware and electronics retailers. Many of these mounts are made specifically for the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, but can be modified for use on the wired cam.

Here is a list of no-screw mounts available for your Spotlight Cam:   

  • Vinyl Siding Hooks
  • Over The Door Hook Mounting
  • Wreath Holders
  • Over-The-Door Mounting
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

In Conclusion

Sometimes, we have to go beyond the user guide to answer our questions about installing our smart home tech, and getting those answers can be tricky. Luckily, we always have our good friend on the internet search bar to help us out with all our questions! Now you can proceed with confidence no matter what your unique installation needs with this article on how to mount your Ring Spotlight Cam!

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