How To Easily Reset GE Smart Light Switch?

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Technology is a great asset to our homes. Not only does it make life easier, but it often takes hands-on tasks and makes them into hands-free tasks. A good example of this is when a homeowner installs a GE Smart Light Switch. These switches allow a voice assistant or app to turn a light on or off without pushing or flipping a switch.

These are great devices for people who lead busy lives or have kids. It allows them to stay focused on the task at hand while also adjusting the ambient light as needed. Sometimes this technology stops working unexpectedly, which can be frustrating because it removes the convenience. Keep reading to learn how to remedy this frustrating occurrence.

Easy Reset Instructions

When the GE Smart Light Switch stops functioning, do not pull out your hair. Technology acts oddly sometimes, and it is just a part of life. It can be conquered with a little finesse and research, such as asking, “how to easily reset the GE smart light switch?” You aren’t alone. Follows these instructions for an easy reset:

  1. Go to the light switch or dimmer that has stopped functioning properly.
  2. Press up on the switch or dimmer ten times.
  3. The switch should be reset. Give it a moment, and then try to reconnect to it.

The light switch and dimmer reset instructions are super convenient and easy. GE has made an affordable and user-friendly product. These products help improve our everyday lives. Sometimes the quick reset doesn’t work, and a factory reset is needed. Keep reading to learn how to perform a factory reset for wired, wireless, and troubleshooting tips.

Factory Reset Wired GE Smart Switches

Not everyone likes to use the wireless version of the GE Smart Switch and instead install a more permanent solution. This is okay. These switches work just as well as the wireless ones. They can also occasionally malfunction like their wireless counterpart. Follow these instructions to factory reset them based on switch type when this happens.

Switch TypeReset Instructions
Button (Standard)Hold down the power button until the light turns red. Let go. It will reset on its own from here.
DimmersHold down the power button until it turns red. Release the button. The reset will commence.
PaddleFind the round power button and hold it down. Do so until the light turns red. Let it go when it does. It will reset.
TogglePush the round power button and hold it down. Wait until the light turns red. Let it go when it does. It will reset.

Wired switches are easy to reset, and all come with similar instructions. This reset is considered a factory reset. You may need to go back into the app and repair the switches to use them once the reset completes.

Factory Reset Wireless GE Smart Switches

The wireless GE Smart Switches are perfect for those who do not plan to stay in one place for a long time but still enjoy the convenience of smart devices. Renters find these devices to be perfect for their living arrangements. When they stop working, you only need to follow these steps to reset them and get them working again:

  1. Look for the button on the side of the Smart Switch
  2. Press the side pinhole
  3. Hold it until the LED light turns red
  4. It will reset

Resetting a wireless GE Smart Switch is very simple. Again, after it resets, it may need to be paired all over again. So pop into the GE app and ensure everything is visible and if it is not, begin the repairing process all over again.

Troubleshooting Switches

Sometimes, a reset does not always solve the problem when it comes to technology. When this is the case, it is time to dive deeper and find more reasons to test to fix the issue. If you are struggling with your GE Smart Switch and have already reset it, then try some of these other tips to help solve some common problems the device may encounter.

You may have to reset the GE Smart Switch if it’s having difficulties connecting to your smart home ecosystem, such as Google Home or SmartThings.

Blue Light Blinking

If the blue light on your GE Smart Switch blinks continuously with no end in sight, even after a reset, there is something more going on behind the scenes. This is typically an indication that the switch is at its end of life. This means it is either time to get another one, swap out its wires, or perform another factory reset.

Won’t Connect to the App

Sometimes, the GE Smart Switch just doesn’t want to cooperate and connect to the smart app GE provides for your smartphone. You need to start again if you were halfway through the setup and it just decided to disconnect. Go back, reset the device, and begin the setup process from scratch. It is worth the time savings in the long run.

Stay Connected With Your Lights

There is nothing quite like shutting your bedroom light off with a simple voice command or the flick of an app. Gone are the days when people need to get out of their comfy bed to turn off the lights. Enjoy the luxury that your new GE Smart Switch provides.

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