How to Calibrate the Wyze Scale

Women on a smart scale with nails paintedWomen on a smart scale with nails painted

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Getting an accurate reading on a scale is very important to track your health; it is especially important with the Wyze Scale because it measures many different aspects of your body. If you’re finding that your Wyze Scale is reading inaccurately, then you may have to calibrate it.

The Wyze Scale is an awesome product to track your fitness, but it will not help you if the scale is inaccurate. Continue reading to learn more about how to calibrate your Wyze Scale and the importance of doing so.

How to Calibrate the Wyze Scale

The Wyze Scale is a smart scale that measures not only your weight but also your body fat, lean body mass, and heart rate. The Wyze Scale is capable of more than the average scale, and one of its best features is that it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to track your progress from there.

However, the Wyze Scale only offers these benefits if it has been properly calibrated for accurate readings. If you find that your scale is not accurate, you will need to recalibrate the device.

To calibrate the Wyze Scale:

  1. Place the Wyze Scale on the ground and make sure it is on a completely flat surface (it should not be on uneven ground or at any type of angle).
  2. Step on the scale.
  3. Immediately step back off the scale.
  4. Make sure the Wyze Scale now reads 0.0 lbs.

If the Wyze Scale reads zero pounds after following these steps, that means you have successfully calibrated your scale.

However, if it does not successfully do so, Wyze Scale Customer Support says that your Wyze Scale will need to be factory reset due to an internal error and that you will be provided with a replacement.

Why Your Wyze Scale May Not Be Calibrated

As mentioned, if your scale does not successfully calibrate after following those steps provided, it means there is most likely an internal error. This could be frustrating if this is a new product, but it is not so uncommon due to the scale’s sensitivity.

To understand why your Wyze Scale is not properly calibrating, despite the steps you are taking to fix it, here are some reasons that could have caused an internal issue:

  • Damaged during transportation
  • Bumped or moved around the wrong way that could throw the sensor out of whack
  • Improper maintenance

Wyze Scale Support explains that the sensors in the scale are very precise yet sensitive, so there is a slight chance it could get damaged, unfortunately. They do offer free replacements and shipping if this happens to be the case.  

The Importance of Calibrating the Wyze Scale

If you have concluded that your Wyze Scale is not calibrated and cannot be fixed, you may believe that it is easier to deal with it being a few pounds off rather than returning it and waiting for a new one. However, it is, in fact, important that the Wyze Scale is correctly calibrated.

This is because if there is an internal error, your scale could read different measurements each day. Chances are, it’s not just going to be 5 pounds off every time you step on the scale. It most likely will give incorrect data, in completely different ranges, each time you use it. On top of that, if you have multiple users using the same Wyze Scale, it will mostly read inaccurately for those users as well.

In Summary

A scale not being calibrated is pretty common, but you must fix it to get an accurate reading. Luckily, with the Wyze Scale, you can easily calibrate your scale yourself within seconds to get it reading correctly.

Just follow the few steps mentioned above, and your scale will be recalibrated in no time! However, if the steps don’t seem to work, there may be an internal issue. It is important to contact Wyze support and get the issue handled so you can start accurately tracking your health progress with the Wyze Scale as soon as possible.

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