How do I reset the GPS location on a Halo collar?

A dog wearing a Halo smart collar.A dog wearing a Halo smart collar.

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The Halo smart collar system is great for dog owners who need to monitor and control their dog’s location. But sometimes, the collar’s internal GPS receiver starts reporting the wrong location, which can lead to all sorts of problems. How do you fix it? We’ve got a step by step guide.

An inaccurate GPS fix is one of the most common problems Halo owners will need to troubleshoot. There are times when, especially if it doesn’t have a good GPS signal, the collar may report your pet up to hundreds of feet from where they actually are. To make the system work right again, you’ll need to reset the collar’s GPS location.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to fix, and often can be done in just a couple minutes. Unfortunately, most of the directions online about how to do this are rather muddled, and involve multiple steps on the app which aren’t really necessary. The easiest way to do it is this.

Your Halo collar has a button on it, next to the large paw-shaped LED light. You’ll need to hold this button down for about ten seconds. There’s a green LED just above it that will flash as you’re doing so.

I will say, this is easiest to do when you take the collar off the dog first.

You’ll know that you’ve held the button down long enough when the green light stops flashing and goes out entirely. Then you can release the button. This will trigger the collar to reset itself.

At this point, it will attempt to reaquire a satellite fix. This will be easiest if the collar is in an area where it can get a good signal from the GPS satellites, so taking it outdoors or into an area of your home with fewer obstructions to the sky will help. That said, it’s not absolutely necessary.

Have the Halo app open on your phone or tablet so that you can monitor the collar and what it’s reporting. After a minute or so, the collar should have reset itself and acquired a new fix, and hopefully corrected its reported location to your dog’s actual location.

If it doesn’t, sometimes a second reset can do the trick. Otherwise, I would suggest that you take the collar somewhere that it can get a better signal and try again.

Worst case scenario, if resetting the collar repeatedly fails to make the GPS position line up with the collar’s actual location, you may need more advanced troubleshooting or even a replacement collar. Fortunately, Halo offers 24/7 customer service.

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