How Do I Reset My SimpliSafe Camera?

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Resetting your SimpliSafe camera requires a few simple steps. Start by unplugging and replugging the camera. If that doesn’t work, you may also want to press the reset button firmly for 20 seconds.

How Do I Reset My SimpliSafe Camera? Press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds to reset your SimpliSafe Camera.

If you are still having issues with your device and need to reset, unplug the entire device, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in.

Resetting Your SimpliSafe Camera

Reset Button

The easiest way to reset your SimpliSafe camera is to press and hold the reset button for roughly 20 seconds. This will cause your device to automatically reset.

Unplug Your Camera

Another option is to unplug your device and plug it back in. This will also force your device to turn on and turn back on. This would be an alternative option if the reset button did not work.

New QR Code

You will also need to access a new QR code through your SimpliSafe Home Security app for your camera.

Restart the Setup Process

The camera light should be flashing yellow along with a light flashing white. This is followed by audible cues to start your setup process.

Installation After Reset

After resetting your SimpliSafe camera, you’ll need to reinstall your device. Before you start, you need to be in a room that is well lit.

SimpliSafe Home Security App

Go to the SimpliSafe Home Security App and go to the main menu, then select Camera.

Even if you are reinstalling, you’ll need to select Install Camera, select Camera and then select the gear icon on the bottom left corner. Then, select Add New Camera.

After naming the camera, select Next.

Connect Your Camera to Your WiFi

You’ll then want to find and select your WiFi on the list provided. After providing the password, click Next.

If your camera is flashing a yellow light, your camera has connected to your WiFi, but is struggling to connect to the internet. To help fix this, make sure your camera is close enough to your WiFi router and your internet service is working fine.

If  your camera is flashing a red light, your camera is not connecting to the WiFi. If this happens, make sure you have selected the correct network and you have entered the right password.

Scan the QR Code

Select Get Code to generate the QR code and aim your phone at the QR code to display. It is helpful to have the brightness on your smartphone device turn up all the way. Your device will flash a white light if it hasn’t read the QR code properly.

When the light becomes solid white, it has successfully read the QR code and is connecting to your WiFi.

After the camera reads the code, you will hear a ding noise and an announcement from the camera about its status while connecting. You will be notified when your SimpliSafe camera is ready to be viewed.

Video Doorbell Reset

Open your SimpliSafe Home Security app and click on Cameras, then the gear icon at the top right of the preferred camera, which will take you to the camera settings.

When you get to the Camera Settings menu, select the camera you would like to reset and then select Remove Camera at the bottom of the screen.

Once the camera is removed, you can restart the setup process for your doorbell camera.

QR Code Won’t Scan During Installation Process

Before you attempt to scan the QR code with your smartphone, make sure the brightness on your smartphone is at maximum brightness and your smartphone is connected to WiFi.

Challenges with Android

The QR code occasionally reads better with an iPhone than an Android. If you are using an Android smartphone, use the SimpliSafe app Smart Home app to display the QR code on the screen.

Screenshot of QR Code

Take a screenshot of the QR code by pressing the volume down button while simultaneously pressing the power-on button.

Send the screenshot of the QR code from your photo gallery to your personal Gmail account. You’ll then want to increase the size of the QR code image on your smartphone screen. You’ll want to increase the image by about one fourth of an inch.

Adjust Brightness and Enlarge Screenshot

Locate your smartphone devices settings menu and adjust the screen brightness level to maximum brightness. Make sure your smartphone screen is displaying the enlarged QR code image and place it close to your SimpliSafe camera lense. Your camera needs to be plugged in and the power is on during this process.

Once you have done this, slowly back your smartphone away from the SimpliSafe camera until you are roughly a foot away from the camera lens, once you have backed away one foot, stop moving.

Your SimpliSafe camera should now be able to read the QR code quickly.

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