Fire Stick No Signal With HDMI – Quick Fix!


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So, there you are. Ready to sit back, chill and relax while streaming with your new Fire Stick. But then, out of nowhere, you get a message that says, “No Signal.” Fret not because we will be explaining why you are seeing this message.

The Fire Stick “No Signal” problem happens when your TV is not compatible with the HDCP or may not work if the HDMI cables are faulty. Additionally, if you see any loose wires or solder joints that are not soldered down properly, then this could be causing some problems. 

We know all too well how upsetting and annoying it can be to get ready to chill and relax while streaming your favorite shows, only to be met with that “No Signal” error. Keep reading to learn the alternative reasons for this message to show up and solutions to each of those problems.

Why Does My Fire Stick Keep Showing Me the “No Signal” Error

The Fire Stick is a very popular device for streaming TV shows and movies, but sometimes you may experience problems with the signal. If you are seeing the “No Signal” error on your TV, there could be a plethora of reasons why this message is popping up. 

What are some of the significant issues that may be at fault for you seeing the “No Signal” error message?

Here are three of the major reasons why you are seeing this error:

  1. HDMI Connection is faulty
  2. The HDMI ports have stopped working
  3. Smart TV HDMI is not working anymore

Let’s discuss how each of these problems can be causing your Fire Stick to be giving you the “No Signal” message.

HDMI Connection Is Faulty 

The first reason as to why your HDMI connection may not be working and why you are seeing the dreaded “No signal” error message is because the HDMI cord may be faulty, or the HDMI port that you have placed it in may not be syncing with the channel you are looking at. 

The HDMI Ports Have Stopped Working

HDMI ports are known for their reliability. However, sometimes they can stop working for no apparent reason. If your Fire Stick is not displaying a signal on your television, and you have already tried different cables and outlets, then the HDMI on your Fire Stick may be the issue.

This is also common if you’re using an older TV because Fire Sticks are compatible with non-smart TVs.

Smart TV HDMI Are Not Working Anymore

The HDMI ports on many smart TVs are not working correctly, resulting in a “no signal” message when using a Fire Stick or other HDMI device. 

This is due to the TV’s firmware being old and incompatible with newer devices that use an updated version of the HDMI standard called High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 2 (“HDCP2”). 

Fixing the Problem

There are different reasons why you may be getting that error message. Fortunately for you, there are several solutions to many of these problems. 

These methods are:

  1. Unplug the Firestick and wait 60 seconds – This helps reset the Firestick and makes it go back to normal.
  2. Double Check The HDMI Port – Now, this is a reasonably simple tip. Check which HDMI port you have stuck your Firestick in and go to input on your “TV remote” and then search for that port.
  3. Turn off all the HDMI devices that are connected to your television.
  4. Press down and then hold the TV button for 30 seconds
  5. Reset the factory setting – This is the last resort. If none of the solutions above gets you the desired outcome, reset to factory settings.

Let’s discuss how these solutions should be implemented to get your fire stick to work again. 

Unplug The Firestick For 60 Seconds

Much like an internet router, unplugging for 60 seconds may be the answer you are looking for to get rid of the “No Signal” error message. 

Double Check the HDMI Port

Now, you may very well kick yourself for overlooking this, but double-check the HDMI port and make sure you are on the right TV channel.  You may discover that the channel you are on is not the channel you have inserted your HDMI port in. So, step back for a second and double-check and make sure you have inserted the Fire Stick in the right HDMI port. 

Turn Off All HDMI Connected To The Television

If you’re experiencing an issue with your Fire Stick where you’re not getting a signal, despite the HDMI cable being plugged incorrectly, there’s a quick fix. 

  1. First, turn off the device you’re plugging the Fire Stick into (in this case, the TV). 
  2. Next, you will want to unplug the HDMI cable from the TV and plug it back in.
  3. Finally, turn on the TV, and the Fire Stick should be up and running.


When in doubt, and all of these solutions still show you the same error message, reset back to factory settings. It can be not so pleasant to sit down and relax while streaming a TV show you like. Hopefully, the solutions we have offered will take away that error message.

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