Does the iRobot Roomba Work Without WiFi?

A roomba i7 vacuum on carpetA roomba i7 vacuum on carpet

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So, you just purchased the iRobot Roomba and you’re ready to start living a stress free life without ever touching a broom or controlling a vacuum. Your new device is all set but you either don’t have WiFi or you have reservations about connecting your Wifi to a home device. 

The iRobot Roomba can function without WiFi but it will not function optimally. Features such as customized cleaning settings and voice command functions can not be accessed offline. 

It is quite sad losing these functions isn’t it? Well keep reading in order to find out how to achieve maximum function on your iRobot Roomba, even offline. 

What Roomba Does Not Require Wifi?

If you don’t have access to Wifi at all, well you’re in luck! Every Roomba model can function without WiFi. All you have to do is press the “clean” button manually and it will clean. If you want a Roomba that does not have the WiFi function at all, the Roomba 614 is your go to device. 

The link to this device can be found here.

What Features On the iRobot Require Wi-Fi?

There are some features on the iRobot that require WiFi connection and we have broken them down into categories. 


If you want the carpet boost function or for the vacuum cleaner to make two runs around your space, then you’d need to connect to WiFi. Other functions such as vacuuming the edges are tied to using the WiFi paired app. 


This works on different levels. If the bin is full or if the Roomba has gotten stuck somewhere and needs your help to get out of there, you’d be notified rather than having to check by yourself from time to time. 


You are also going to miss out on features such as the cleaning map that allows you to map out the area the vacuum is meant to clean and a cleaning history that logs in every trip the vacuum cleaner makes!

How to Schedule a Cleaning on a Roomba That Is Offline

You must have read above that without WiFi, you probably won’t enjoy as many features of the Roomba. Well, on the 600 series, you can now schedule cleanings while your Roomba isn’t connected to WiFi. 

Here are the ways you can set a schedule:

Set the Time

If you’re only looking to schedule a one-off cleaning session, then this is the best way to go. 

To set the time:

  1. Press and hold the clock button on your Roomba
  2. Use the hour and minute buttons at the top of the Roomba to set the correct date and time
  3. Release the clock button and wait for a confirmation beep from your Roomba.

Now, let’s say you change your mind and decide to set up WiFi on your Roomba, here’s how to go about it. 

Set a Schedule

Right next to the clock button, there is a button with the calendar icon on it. This button should be held and the day, hour and minute buttons should be used to set the schedule for each day. This schedule will repeat every week. 

Viewing a Schedule 

To look through the schedule, after it has been set, hold down the schedule button and use the day button to scan through the days to see what time is set for each day. 

Editing a Schedule

This is done by viewing a schedule and when the day you want to edit is displayed, you use the Hour and minute buttons to change the scheduled time.

Deleting a Schedule 

Here, you scan through the schedule and when the schedule of the day you would like to delete is displayed, press the day button until you hear a beep that indicates that the schedule has been deleted. 

All this can be done without WiFi! But let’s say you change your mind on that no WiFi status, here is how you can hook your Roomba up to WiFI.

How to Set Up WiFi on a Roomba

I’m pretty sure that a good number of people reading this have never had to set up a robot vacuum before and that is why we are here to help!

Follow these steps to set up WiFi on your iRobot Roomba vacuum:

  1. Install and open the iRobot app on your phone
  2. Click on “Add a robot” and choose the series which your device falls under
  3. Look through the virtual manual and name your Roomba
  4. Enter your WiFi password
  5. Press the “home” and “spot” button down at the same time(if the beep doesn’t sound after doing this, try placing it on the charging dock to charge)
  6. Click on the “I pressed the buttons” check space and proceed
  7. The app will search for Roombas around and display a list of to enable you to pick your own
  8. The Roomba will pair immediately 

If software updates are available you’d also be notified before you begin your Roomba journey.

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