Does Samsung TV Have CEC?

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If you are sick of having to use several remotes to control your various devices attached to your Samsung TV, you are not alone. You may have heard of using a universal remote, or even a CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) option so that you do not have to keep track of several remotes. So you might be wondering to yourself, does Samsung have CEC?

The answer is yes, Samsung TVs do have CEC capabilities, so you can use one remote to control anything connected to your HDMI ports. However, your Samsung TV will have to have the Aynet+ feature. 

If you want to find out if your Samsung TV has the Aynet+ option, we are going to go through the very simple instructions to help you figure it out in seconds! We are also going to discuss what the CEC can control, which remote you should use, and even how to set it up. 

How to Figure Out If Your Samsung TV Has CEC

In order to check if your specific Samsung TV can be controlled with HDMI-CEC, you will first need to ensure that it has Aynet+ installed. 

To do so, just follow these easy steps:

  • Turn on your Samsung TV.
  • Press the HOME button on your remote. 
  • Select SETTINGS, then GENERAL.
  • If your TV has the Ayner+ feature, you should see it written clearly here. 
  • To turn it on, simply click it! 

Now that you know if your Samsung TV has CEC capabilities, you will probably want to know what kind of remote you will need to use it. 

What Kind of Remote is Needed for CEC?

Great news! Your Samsung TV Smart remote is already capable of controlling your HDMI-CEC connection. 

You do not need any kind of special or universal remote in order to be able to enjoy this feature. 

What Can CEC Control?

CEC is most commonly known as HDMI-CEC as it is a Consumer Electronics Control that directly controls anything connected to your Samsung television via the HDMI ports on the back of the TV.

Most TVs these days have multiple HDMI ports, so you can easily use CEC to control several of your favorite external devices such as gaming consoles, streaming devices, cable boxes, DVD players, speakers, and so much more! 

In fact, CEC can control up to twelve devices at a time, so if you invest in a few HDMI splitters, you may just be able to control an entire home entertainment system with just your Samsung TV smart remote! 

While this is all very exciting, before you can enjoy the CEC feature, you will first need to set it up. So let’s find out exactly what you need to do to get all your devices connected to CEC and therefore your Samsung remote. 

How to Set Up CEC on a Samsung TV

Before we go through the instructions to set up your Samsung TV and external devices to be controlled by HDMI-CEC, there are a few things you should know

In order for the CEC feature to work, the external device needs to have Aynet+ capabilities as well. If you are curious if your device has the ability to be controlled via CEC, you will need to look it up online as there are far too many possible devices to go through them all here now. 

It’s also important to note that not all HDMI cables support CEC, so be sure to invest in one, or many, that do so you don’t get all the way through the set up and find that your devices are not connected properly. 

Okay, now, let’s learn how to set up a CEC on your Samsung TV.

  • Follow the steps listed above to turn on the Aynet+ feature.
  • Plug in your external devices to the HDMI ports. 
  • That’s it!

It’s really that easy! You will now be able to control all of your external devices with your Samsung TV smart remote. 

If you are having any issues at all, Samsung has a great CEC troubleshooting page to help with any problems you may be encountering. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s recap! Our original question was does Samsung TV have CEC, and the answer is definitely a yes! 

Your Samsung TV, unless it is a much older model, will almost certainly be able to use it’s Aynet+ feature to connect your multiple external devices via the HDMI-CEC option and you can easily control everything with just your Samsung TV smart remote. 

Now you know how to find out if your Samsung TV has Aynet+, and therefore CEC capabilities, and even how to turn it on so you can get to enjoying all the features of a universal remote without leaving your home or even buying another gadget and you no longer have to keep track of several remotes!

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