Does Element TV Have Bluetooth?


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With the number of smart TVs that are on the market nowadays, it’s hard to know which ones have the features you’re looking for. Bluetooth is one feature that, while an older feature of smart devices, is still very useful and desired. If you’re considering buying an Element TV, you might be wondering whether or not it has Bluetooth capabilities. 

All of the Element TV models are Roku-based devices that do not support Bluetooth. You can, however, use the Roku remote or an app on your phone to display movies, music, and TV shows just as you would with Bluetooth capabilities. 

While Bluetooth is not a feature the Element TV comes with, you can still enjoy many features that you would be able to utilize with typical Bluetooth capabilities. For those looking for an inexpensive alternative to smart TVs with Bluetooth, the Element TV is a great choice, and it’s affordable. 

Element TV Features

While Element TV may not provide Bluetooth capabilities, you can find some useful features they do have below.

Roku Remote

All Element TVs come with a Roku remote to control the device. Using Roku’s app and the remote, you can easily access streaming services for music, movies, and TV shows. The Roku remote also has a voice command feature so you can control the TV with your voice as well. 

Free Mobile App

Element TV offers a free app that allows you to control the device with your phone. If you’re someone who easily loses the remote, this is a great feature for you. 

Smart-Home Device Pairing

While you cannot connect devices through Bluetooth pairing, you can at least use advanced home technology with your Element TV.

Element TVs come ready with the following smart home devices:

  • Apple AirPlay
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

If you don’t see your smart home device on this list, don’t fret. Element TV can pair with many other smart home device platforms. Just look up your model of TV to find out more.

Do You Still Need Bluetooth?

Most consumers are actually starting to turn against Bluetooth, as the feature hasn’t seemed to get better in the more than 20 years it has been accessible. So, do you still need Bluetooth to use your TV?

With the number of excellent casting devices— such as Apple TV, the Amazon Fire Stick, and the Google Chromecast – the need for Bluetooth on TVs is becoming more and more obsolete.

Business Insider reported that while Bluetooth still reigns as the standard connection feature for most devices around the world, companies like Apple and Google are developing better ways of connecting to keep up with consumers’ desire for easier ways to connect. 

These new and developing Bluetooth-like connection capabilities, however, have not yet made their way into the TV game, and most wireless headphones still rely on Bluetooth.

Alternative Smart TVs with Bluetooth Capabilities

You could be among the crowd that still wants Bluetooth to stick around. In that case, there are TVs out there that are affordable and of good quality that feature Bluetooth capabilities.

Brands like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and LG all design TV models that incorporate Bluetooth into their many features, but they are now most of the time secondary to smart home devices like Apple TV and Google TV. 

Here are two models that utilize both smart TV and Bluetooth capabilities. 

SAMSUNG Class Q60B QLED 4K Smart TV (2022)

Samsung has had a good chunk of the market in the home appliance industry for some time, and their TVs are no exception. While some don’t come with Bluetooth capabilities, all new models are configured with smart-device features. But, most Samsung TVs do still come with Bluetooth, including the Class Q60B QLED 4K Smart TV

This model comes with Bluetooth capabilities, as well as SmartThings, a home automation app. Its prices start at $549.99 and the model has great reviews. 

Sony X80J Google Smart TV

While the Sony X80J Google Smart TV boasts its Google and Chromecast capabilities over all other features, users are still able to utilize Bluetooth.  The model also has an abundance of modern and useful features. 

The X80J has all the features of Google Chromecast and Google TV, but you can also use Apple AirPlay on the TV. The model also comes with a smart remote for easy navigation. You can buy this TV model starting at $549.99.


If you are in the market for an Element TV specifically, you will have to give up on having Bluetooth in your home TV. The good news is, there are other options that are similar to Element TV models that do have Bluetooth capabilities as well as other important features. 

While Bluetooth could be due for a long-awaited and much-needed update to its technology, it is still a huge part of our digital world. It makes sense that you would want to incorporate the feature into your smart home automation.

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