Having a smart garage door opener can be a great experience. But what if it doesn’t fulfill everything you were expecting? The MyQ is a great smart garage door opener but, there is one big downfall that may prevent shoppers from pulling the trigger.

Does Chamberlain MyQ Work With Alexa? The quick answer is No, Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Home Garage Opener does not natively work with Alexa.

In short, (without some loopholes) you can’t use Alexa voice control to open or close your smart garage.

There are 2 main reasons I’ve found on why MyQ won’t work with Alexa:

  1. It’s a Security Issue
  2. Chamberlain won’t allow it or won’t profit from it

Not the best news we have to share with you today! Is it still a bad smart garage door opener? No. We still think the MyQ is a solid choice. But if you were looking for Alexa compatibility, you may want to look at our alternatives down below.

It’s A Security Issue

Imagine if someone found out they could open your garage door just by asking Alexa to open it?

That sounds like a huge security gap. People could sue or they could be liable for theft that occurs in your home. I’m not sure on the legalities of it but that is probably not a risk they want to take.

There is however rumors on the forums that Chamberlain doesn’t want to allow their doors to open unless some sort of PIN code is included.

Chamberlain Won’t Profit From It

But why doesn’t Chamberlain allow Alexa to work with their smart home garage opener?

I have read about 10-15 different articles, forums, or other websites and the answers are all the same.

It seems to me that Chamberlain has no interest in pursuing Smart Home technology on their garage opener products. Many customers have repeatedly asked for it and many feel slighted by the company under the impression it would work with Alexa.W

Chamberlain knows that they are the biggest garage opener brand. Why would they invest money into building an API or integration to make Alexa work with their product?

They know consumers are going to buy their product regardless.

Unless the public by the masses decides to boycott the product, I doubt anything is going to happen. Even if they do, I’m sure they already have purchase agreements from companies who buy them in bulk.

Don’t hold your breathe on this happening anytime soon.

Other Smart Garage Openers That Work With Alexa

Thankfully, other companies weren’t as “reserved” to block Alexa from their product. I have 2 really sweet suggestions that other customers have loved.

Nexx Garage Door Opener Using Smartphone & Remote

The reason why I love the Nexx Garage door opener is that it actually works with Alexa AND Google Home! Yes, you heard it right, you can use voice commands to open and close your garage door! Nexx Garage blows Chamberlain out of the water. And. There’s. More.

Nexx Garage gives multiple users (with permission) a calendar app thats lets you see what time the door was opened and by who.

It also lets you use geofencing so it will close the door when you leave, and open when you are coming home! That is what I call a real smart home garage door.

What’s Geofencing? Its pretty much lets your garage door open based on how close you are from your home based on GPS or RFID technology. It creates a virtual geographic boundary. Then that communicates with your app and voila!

It’s no surprise Amazon reviewers have left over 1,500 reviews, with a majority of them being positive reviews. It has over 4 out of 5 stars with over 500 answers on their Q&A.

Click on the image to see Amazons price for the Nexx Garage.

Senclo Fi Mini Smart Garage Door Opener

Click on the image to see Amazons price for the Senclo Fi Mini.

Senclo is similar to Nexx Garage with almost all of its features.

It is perfect for people with homes with only one garage. It has an auto open and auto close feature using geofencing too. No need to click a button to open and close the door anymore. Just get in proximity and boom, you’re in.

Another great feature is that it works with Android or Apple phone. It’s universal in that it works with major garage brands like Chamberlain, Genie, and Liftmaster.

Got Alexa, Google Assistant, or maybe an Apple Watch? Senclo’s got you covered too.

Another cool feature is it even includes notifications and monitors your garage temperatures! Senclo Fi Mini is a little bit more expensive but you can start to see why that is. If you have the extra money in your budget, I would definitely consider this.

Just remember though, the Fi Mini will only work with one garage. If you have a 2 garage door home, you will need 1 Fi Door Sensor and Controller Set for each door.

What Other’s are Saying About the Senclo Fi

A lot of reviewers mention that there is a distinction in the quality that the Fi Mini brings to the table. Reviewers continue to say that this is the BEST smart home garage door opener on the market. The materials just feel like they are much higher quality.

Great customer service! If it’s one thing I love about products is their support. I have read a few reviewers mention that the support is amazing. Folks have called them and not gotten a call, and will receive a callback.

Personally, I think it has to do with the company being young and eager to grow. They really are putting an emphasis on customer service and the fact that they really care about their customers.

Check out our recommended garage door openers for the best solution for your garage needs.

How You Can Get MyQ To Still Work With Alexa

There are two ways I’ve found that can allow MyQ to work with Alexa through some loopholes; Using Raspberry Pi and your phone OR using Amazon Skill Kit.

Both methods require some manual work.

Using Raspberry Pi To Get MyQ To Work With Alexa

You can get your garage door to open using your Raspberry Pi and your smartphone. You use self-signed certs on your phone which help make it secure.

I said it was going to require some work, right?

A Raspberry Pi is a cheap computer that has the ability to interact with many things from the outside world. You can use to learn programming and its been used in a wide variety of projects.


You are going to have to buy a lot of parts and tools which will come out to more than $100. Jeff Cartwright wrote a long blog post with the full details on how to do this. You can find it here:


Using Amazon Skill Kit To Get MyQ To Work With Alexa

In order to get the Amazon Skill Kit to get Alexa to work, its going to take someone who is tech savvy. Even if you were, I’m not entirely sure this would still work as the guy who invented it published the steps over 2 years ago.

No guarantees, but I figured more options is better.

You’re going to need to make sure your MyQ Gateway is connected. You’ll also have to download some files, extract it, and then create an Alexa Skill Kit.

That’s not even the end of it, next you’ll have to create the AWS Lambda Function and do some more steps which involve some more configurations.

If I haven’t lost you yet, the full steps are at this website below:


2/4/2019: Update, Chamerblain has taken down this third party solution that someone else built. ­čÖü

Final Note

Unfortunately, Chamberlain still hasn’t allowed Alexa to work with MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener. We suggest just buying alternatives. There are still great products out there that support Alexa. Maybe one day they will change that but it doesn’t seem like it’s happening anytime soon.

Related Questions

Does MyQ Work with Google Assistant? Yes, MyQ works with Google Assistant but it requires a monthly subscription of $10/mo

What MyQ Commands work with Google Assistant? You can Closed the garage or check on the Status, but you cannot open it. Chamberlain has stated its a security issue and you will never be able to Open it via Google.

Does MyQ work with IFTTT? Yes, MyQ will work with IFTTT but again, it requires a monthly subscription of $10/mo.

Does MyQ work with HomeKit? Yes, MyQ will work with Apple Homekit (with a monthly subscription again). P.S, you need the MyQ Bridge though.